girl and dog


girl and dog 1.jpeg This vintage glossy real photo postcard features a a young girl and her puppy posing outside in a wooded area. The dog appears to be part beagle and is sitting on a wooden chair next to the girl. The child, with her hand on her hip, is looking confidently at the camera. The photographer, publisher, and subject, are all unidentified. The postcard is in very good condition (see scans).

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felder 1

Hertha Feiler (1816-1970) was an Austrian actress. She was of Jewish descent. Feiler was married to comedian Heinz Ruhmann. The pair starred in several films together. The IMDb credits Feiler with appearing in 33 films between 1937 and 1968. Originally, Feiler wanted to be a pianist but a medical problem (inflamation in her arm) caused her to look for another artistic profession. She made her film debut at the age of 21. Over time, she became a popular actress. She often played “ladylike and cheerful roles with charm”. She fell in love with Ruhmann while he was directing her in “Louder Lies (translation)” (1938). The Nazis considered Feiler to be one fourth Jewish so there were limits placed on her acting opportunities. In the 1950’s she took on more mature roles.  She tended to play women who were confident and cheerful but pragmatic. She retired from acting in 1968 due to illness (cancer). Feiler was known to be an excellent swimmer and equestrian. Miss Feiler is very pretty in this photograph. Her dog, possibly a wire haired terrier, is adorable. The postcard was published by Ross Verlag as part of a series (no. A 3077/2). The photographer was Ludke. There is a logo of a film studio in the lower right hand corner of the image. Look below to see a youtube video featuring Hertha Feiler and Heinz Ruhmann.   (SOLD) 

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schoolgirl 1

This vintage photograph features a pretty well dressed teenager. She is flashing a half smile and she has beautiful eyes. She is likely a school girl. The photographer and the location of the studio are unidentified. This photograph measures about 2 3/8″ x 5″ and is in very good condition (see scans). The glued residue on the reverse of the photograph indicates that it once resided in a photo album.  (SOLD)

schoolgirl 2


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chicopee 1

An attractive and well dressed couple pose for their portrait at a Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts, photo studio. The studio was operated by H. M. Judd. A brief biography of Henry Melville Judd (1848-1921) appears on the blog “Cabinet Card Photographers” (https://cabinetcardphotographers.blogspot.com/).) He was born in Massachusetts and lost both of his parents by the time he was fourteen years old. He never married and lived in rented rooms his entire adult life. Judd worked as a photographer in a number of Massachusetts towns including Amherst, Springfield, and Chicopee Falls. This photograph was taken while Judd occupied a space at 87 Front Street between 1889 and 1890. At some point in 1890 the name of the street was changed to Main Street. The Cabinet Card Photographers” blog reports that Judd was a photographer between 1877 and 1921. Chicopee is located on the Connecticut River and is part of the Springfield, Massachusetts metropolitan area. Toward the end of the nineteenth century, Chicopee Falls was a major manufacturing center of bicycles. Both the Overman Wheel Company (1882-1899) and the Spalding sporting goods company were located there. This cabinet card portrait is in excellent condition (see scans).

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pretty woman 10The young woman featured in this vintage real photo postcard is very pretty. She is wearing a beautiful lace dress. Her facial expression communicates apprehension and warning. Remember, these photo portraits are like a Rorschach card. Our interpretations sometimes speak more about ourselves rather than about the person we are observing. This postcard was published by the Rapid Photo Company. The company existed between 1901 and 1910. It was located in London, England. The company is best known for their portraits of actresses. The postcard is part of a series (Series S  1214/5). The postcard has a postmark from Buckeburg, Germany. Bückeburg is a town in Lower Saxony, Germany. The card is addressed to someone in the town of Bad Eilsen, also a town in Lower Saxony. The date of the postmark is 1907.  (SOLD)

pretty woman 10 1

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This vintage photograph features a women’s softball team. Judging by their smiles, the ladies were in a happy mood at the time this photograph was taken. The image was produced in the year 1934 which the text on the photo indicates celebrates “a century of progress”. Two of the players are wearing baseball caps but no baseball equipment or team logo is visible in the photograph. At that time in softball history, many leagues required the players not to use gloves.  It is also notable that this team photo includes eleven players rather than the expected baseball nine. Women’s softball teams of that era employed ten players on the field with the tenth player occupying the position of short centerfield. Perhaps the eleventh player in the photo is the coach/manager or possibly a substitute. It is also interesting to note that “A Century of Progress” was the slogan for the 1933 World’s Fair.The exposition was held along the lakefront of Chicago, Illinois. The fair was operated from June 1-November 1, 1933, and May 26-October 31, 1934. It is a safe assumption that this image was taken at the Chicago Worlds Fair grounds. Softball was one of the few team sports available to women during the 1930’s, 1940’s,and 1950’s. During the 1930’s, softball was a very popular sport around the United States. In 1933 the newly established Amateur Softball Association sponsored the first national fast pitch softball tournament for women. The association tied the tournament to the Chicago Worlds Fair. In the initial competition, eight women’s teams competed against each other. It is worth mentioning that some sources report that the games were actually sponsored by a duo comprised of a sports writer and a sporting goods salesman. This wonderful memento of softball history measures 3″ x 4 3/4″ and based on the black paper residue on it’s reverse, once found it’s home in someone’s photo album. This vintage photo is in very good condition.

softball 1

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This Carte de Visite features an adorable child displaying a skeptical but very inquisitive expression. The toddler is sitting on a chair and wearing a short gown with strings across his/her shoulders. The child’s attire would be unacceptable today due to safety concerns. The photograph was taken by Jean Emile Dessendier of Roanne, a city in central France. The cdv was produced in 1889 or later as evidenced by the printing on the bottom border of the photograph which states that Dessendier won a photography medal at the 1889 Exposition at the University of Paris.  (SOLD)

dessender 1

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holyoke 1

This vintage photograph features an attractive young woman holding an open book. She is nicely attired in a dress with ruffles and bows. She has one hand on her hip and a serious expression. She almost looks bothered. The photographer of this photograph was from a studio called Demers & Son. The studio was located in Holyoke, Massachusetts. To see additional photographs by this studio, place the name “Demers & Son” in the search box. Demers & Son was comprised of Jacques Louis Demers ( c1833-1913) and his son Hormisdas Demers. They were French Canadians. “Mudra51”, provides biographical material about the pair on Flickr. Jacques was a French Canadian born in Montreal. He received his education in Montreal and studied portrait painting. He appears in Montreal directories  as working as a photographer from 1861 through 1875. Jacques came to Holyoke in 1883 and opened a photographic studio. The studio became known as Demers & Son by 1885 and the studio continued to do business until 1920. Jacques retired in 1909 and relocated to Ludlow, Massachusetts. He died there and was buried in Montreal. “Mudra51” also researched Hormisdas. He was born in Quebec, Canada in around 1867. His name, translated from Persian, is “the great wise one”. In 1881, Hormisdas first appears in a Quebec directory as a photographer. He came to Holyoke with his father. After the closure of Demers & Son, he still worked as a photographer and appears in the US census as a photographer through 1930. This photograph measures about 7 1/4″ x 5 1/4″ and is in very good condition (see scans).

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fireman 11

A uniformed young man poses for his portrait at a Glen’s Falls, New York photography studio. The photographers operating the studio were Conkey (George W.) & Hultz. The gentleman in this photograph appears to be a fireman. His belt buckle indicates that he was in the first company of the department. Note his Napoleonic pose. It is possible that the subject of this cdv photograph is actually a policeman, naval officer, or some other uniformed worker. However, I am fairly confident that he is a fireman. This carte de visite is in very good condition (see scans).  (SOLD)

fireman 11 1.jpeg




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phipps 2


phipps 2 1


These vintage real photo postcards feature American actress, Sally Phipps (1911-1978). She was born in Oakland, California. Her father was a magician and her mother was a colorist in a photography studio. Her father left the family when she was age four, and Sally went to live with a foster family. Her foster parents both worked in the film industry. Sally appeared in her first film, at age three. It was called “Broncho Billy and the Baby” (1914). There were two more films in the series the following year. Prior to her debut in the movies, she had won several “Beautiful Baby ” contests. She was rediscovered by director Frank Borzage while still in high school. At age 15, in 1926, she began using the name “Sally Phipps”. She became a Fox film star and appeared in over twenty films before the arrival of 1929. In 1927, she was selected as one of thirteen “Wampas Baby Stars”. The organization was very successful at identifying future stars. Among their “finds” was Clara Bow and Joan Crawford. As a result of becoming a Wampas star, her photograph appeared in many film magazines. She often was dressed in silk and fur. Her first starring role was in the film “Love Makes ‘Em Wild” (1927). Her last appearance in a Fox film was 1929, despite her five year contract with the studio that she signed in 1927. In 1931, Phipps appeared in a Broadway production by Kaufman & Hart called “Once in a Lifetime”). Looking at Phipps career, it is evident that she played many “vamp” roles. A New York Times (2008) article described her as “a comic sexpot whose innocently naughty antics were the very embodiment of flaming youth.”.     The article also described her off screen flapper lifestyle stating that she smoked, tangoed, dated older men, and rode around Hollywood in a flashy car.  Like many young stars, Phipps had difficulty handling her success. Some of her difficulty was seen in her defiant personality. She frequently displayed a lack of dedication to her acting. She also overspent and built up large debts. She sued her parents when they tried to control her spending. This legal action is thought to have resulted in enough negative publicity to hurt her career. At age 18, with two years left in her Fox contract, she took off for New York and the stage. Fox was ok with her skipping out on the contract. They were basically done with her. Phipps was married twice. Her husband was Benedict Gimbel Jr, heir to the department store, Gimbels. They married in 1931 and divorced in 1935. After her divorce, she found herself living in a one room apartment in New York City, and making twenty-five dollars a week as a secretary. She developed an interest in theosophy and Eastern religions and lived in India for a short time. Later, Miss Phipps married Alfred M. Harned, a New York musician. She had met him at a seance. The couple had two children. She and her family moved to Hawaii and Phipps had a mental breakdown. She and her husband separated and the kids stayed with their father. For awhile she kept in contact with her children. In a short time, she abandoned them. She did not see her son for seventeen years.  Phipps appeared in two Broadway shows during her careeer. Her filmography includes 24 appearances in movies between 1915 and 1931. Like many early film stars, her rapid rise to stardom was followed by a quick dive into obscurity. According to the date written on the reverse of postcard 1, this portrait of Miss Phipps was taken in 1927. She was only 15 or 16 years of age at the time. It seems a bit creepy to me that teenage girls could be so sexualized by movie studios. The postcard was published by Iris Verlag and is part of a series (no. 913). The postcard photo includes the logo of “Fox Film”, indicating she was under contract with the studio at the time the postcard was published.                  Postcard 2 features a smiling Miss Phipps doing calligraphy. The writing is either Japanese, or Chinese. The postcard was published by Ross Verlag as part of a series (no. 4492/1). This postcard, like the first, has a logo for Fox Films, one of this actress’s film studios holding her contract. This postcard once resided in an album. It is in very good condition.

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