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Hertha Feiler (1816-1970) was an Austrian actress. She was of Jewish descent. Feiler was married to comedian Heinz Ruhmann. The pair starred in several films together. The IMDb credits Feiler with appearing in 33 films between 1937 and 1968. Originally, Feiler wanted to be a pianist but a medical problem (inflamation in her arm) caused her to look for another artistic profession. She made her film debut at the age of 21. Over time, she became a popular actress. She often played “ladylike and cheerful roles with charm”. She fell in love with Ruhmann while he was directing her in “Louder Lies (translation)” (1938). The Nazis considered Feiler to be one fourth Jewish so there were limits placed on her acting opportunities. In the 1950’s she took on more mature roles.  She tended to play women who were confident and cheerful but pragmatic. She retired from acting in 1968 due to illness (cancer). Feiler was known to be an excellent swimmer and equestrian. Miss Feiler is very pretty in this photograph. Her dog, possibly a wire haired terrier, is adorable. The postcard was published by Ross Verlag as part of a series (no. A 3077/2). The photographer was Ludke. There is a logo of a film studio in the lower right hand corner of the image. Look below to see a youtube video featuring Hertha Feiler and Heinz Ruhmann.   (SOLD) 

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