pontiac This vintage real photo chrome postcard features an African American man and his custom 1952 Pontiac. This automobile is certainly “one of a kind”. Text on the reverse of the postcard indicates that the car has painted seat covers. In addition, the description asserts that the chrome work took years to finish. The artist decided to remain anonymous. This photograph was taken in Houston, Texas in 1973. The photographer was Chip Lord and the publisher was Foto Folio, located in New York City. Additional credits were attributed to Dover Press. This postcard was mailed in 1984, eleven years after the photograph was taken. It was mailed from Everett, Washington, to Erie, Pennsylvania. The photographer, Chip Lord  (1944- ) is a very successful American media artist and has led an interesting life. He is best known for being a co-founder and practitioner at the media collective, known as Ant Farm. The firm was started in 1968. Wikipedia asserts that his work is often “nostalgic, but edged with an ironic detachment”.  A graduate of Tulane, he became an architect. He taught at the University of Houston (Go Cougars….I got my graduate degree there). He also taught at a couple of the University of California Campuses. Lord is also known for many of his projects, including the “Cadillac Ranch”.  He shares credit for this public art installation and sculpture with other artist from Ant Farm.  The exhibition is comprised of ten half buried cadillacs facing nose-first in the ground. The cars ranged from 1949 through 1963, and the exhibition illustrated the evolution of Cadillac’s tail fins. In addition, there is symbolism.  Cadillacs represented 1950’s America and a “symbol of aspirations”. The sculpture is located in Amarillo,, Texas and a photo of the project can be seen below.. Lord has had many publications and his works appear in many fine museums.  (SOLD)

txamacadillac_1188_620x300                                  “CADILLAC RANCH”

pontiac 1