This vintage postcard features the Syskonen Blumenfeld (Blumenfeld Sisters). The pretty young women appear to be ballet dancers. I do not know if they were professionals or amateurs. This photogravure postcard was published by a Swedish company. (SOLD)

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This vintage real photo postcard features pretty actress Mona Martenson (1902-1956) as she appears in the film, “Inmarsarvet” (1925). Translated into English, the film is titled “Ingmar’s Inheritance”. The movie is a Swedish silent drama film and was directed by Gustaf Molander and produced by Nord-Westi Film. Mona was 23 years-old when the postcard photo was taken. Martenson was an active performer from 1923 through 1949, appearing in 29 films. Mona was raised in Helsingborg and studied at the Royal Dramatic Theater Academy. She made her first film appearance in 1923. That same year, Mona and a classmate were selected by the school to audition for celebrated Swedish film director, Mauritz Stiller. Incidentally, you may be familiar with her classmate. Her name was Greta Garbo. Both Martenson and Garbo were cast in his upcoming film. The film was very successful and Mona and Greta were invited to Hollywood. Martenson was not interested in leaving Sweden, and turned down a contract offer from Louis B. Mayer. She remained in Stockholm and acted in theater and film. In 1929, Mona spread her wings and starred in a German film and in a Norwegian film. Mona was able to cross the “sound barrier” and appear in a number of “talkie” films. Her last film was “Pippi Longstocking” (1949). She played the supporting role of Pia. The photographer of Martenson’s portrait seen on this postcard was Axel Eliassons Konstforlag. He operated a studio, and then a postcard publishing company in Stockholm. The company was named “Axel Eliasson’s Art Publishers (AE) and began selling postcards in 1890. The company was Sweden’s leading producer of postcards during the first half of the twentieth century. In the middle of the 1890’s, Jenny Nystrom and Anna Palm were hired as illustrators. The company specialized in illustrated Christmas cards. Eliasson died in 1932. In 1941, the company was sold and underwent several name changes. The company still exists today, under the name “Axel Eliasson AB” and is located in Sagmyra, Sweden. It no longer publishes postcards. Instead it produces art publishing items (ie Christmas cards and gift items). This vintage postcard is in very good condition (see scans).

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This vintage real photo postcard features the Swedish actress Jngeborg Ronnblad (1873-1915). If you can pronounce her first name, please accept my congratulations. If you are Swedish, you are not eligible for this challenge. Miss Ronnblad is quite pretty and fashionable. Her dress and hair (or wig) are covered with roses. Note that she is wearing two large rings. I wonder if she is dressed in a costume from one of her films. Just below her name in the top right corner, are the words “i Lifvets dal”. The translation of these Swedish words is “In the Valley of Life”. Could this be a film title? Ronnblad was born in Sweden. Her parents ran a theater society. Her husband was Swedish actor, Hugo Ronnblad. She worked a an actress, at least between 1888 and 1895. The publisher of this postcard was Paul Heckscher. The card is part of a series (no2011).This publishing house specialized in art reproductions, artist signed cards, black and white views, and hand colored real photos. The company was headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The Paul Heckscher publishing company operated between 1900 and 1917. Their postcards were printed in England. This vintage postcard portrait is in very good condition (see scans),

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A young woman dressed in a Salvation Army uniform poses for her Carte de Visite portrait at the Central studio in Gefle, Sweden. Note her Salvation Army badge which she is wearing at her collar. She is also wearing quite a serious expression. “Gefle” is a spelling for the town “Gavle” which was used from the 1500’s to the early 1900’s. The city is the oldest city in the “Norrland”. It received it’s charter in 1446.  SOLD


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This precious postcard portrait features three adorable little girls posing on a rope ladder. The photographer of this photograph is H Traut of Munich, Germany. This postcard was mailed in Sweden in 1906.   (SOLD)

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This cabinet card portrait features a little girl with an engaging smile. She is holding a wooden pail and is standing next to a shovel. She posed in front of the studio’s proverbial wall which the photographer embellished with leafy vines. The photographer of this image is Carl Joseph Horner (1864-1926). He operated a studio in Boston, Massachusetts. I have seen him advertise himself on other images as a “European Photographer”. On the reverse of this cabinet card he describes himself more precisely geographically as being “from Stockholm, Sweden”. It appears that, at least in Boston, European photographers held more status than American photographers. Interestingly, Horner developed a great reputation as a sports photographer. Some of his baseball photographs are very well known. To view more of his images, and to learn more about this photographer, click on the category “Photographer: Horner”.



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This vintage real photo postcard features Harriet Sofie Bosse (1878-1961) who was an actress of Swedish/Norwegian background. Her father was a German publisher who for business reasons moved his family a number of times back and forth between Oslo (Norway) and Stockholm (Sweden). Harriet was the thirteenth of fourteen children in her family. Two of her sisters were performers. She was well known for her acting but also for being the third wife of playwright August Strindberg. Bosse began her acting career in a company run by her older sister in Oslo. She developed a problem with this sister (Alma) when the sister discovered that Harriet was having an affair with her husband.  Harriet clearly had a boundary problem. After appearing at the Royal Dramatic Theater in Stockholm, she was noticed by Strindberg. He was enamored with her acting ability as well as her exotic “oriental” appearance. The pair were married in 1901; he was 52 years old and she was just 21. The marriage was short and volatile. Strindberg had a history of a jealousy problem that some considered to be actual paranoia. In 1908 Bosse married Swedish actor Anders Gunnar Wingard and later had a third marriage to movie idol Edvin Adolphson in 1927. Her second and third marriages both ended in divorce after just a few years. After retiring from acting, in the midst of World War II, she returned to Oslo. This postcard photograph was taken by Ferdinand Flodin (1863-1935). He was a Swedish photographer who operated a studio in Stockholm. He was well known for his portrait work, especially of theatrical performers. He was educated in the United States from 1883 to 1887. For the next two years he ran a photography gallery in Worcester, Massachusetts. He then returned to Sweden. In 1906 he became secretary of the Swedish Photogaphers Association, a post he held nine years. This postcard was published by Axel Eliasson’s Art Publishers. The publishing house was founded in 1890 and the Stockholm company was the leading producer of postcards in Sweden for many years. A number of Ferdinand Flodin’s cabinet card photographs that were produced at his Massachusetts studio can be seen in the Cabinet Card Gallery. To view these images click on the category “Photographer: Flodin”.  SOLD


                                                                                                                                                                 Self-Portrait of Ferdinand Flodin


swedish family_0001This cabinet card features a family portrait of a handsome couple and their four children. The two oldest children are boys who are wearing sailor type outfits. The two youngest children are each being held by a parent. This attractive family was photographed by Tallroth & Co. which was located in Goteborg, Sweden. Goteborg (Gothenburg) is presently the second largest city in Sweden and at the time of this photograph, it was considered an industrial city.

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A young couple poses for their portrait at the studio of photographer, H. Larson, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.                The gentleman has long hair and glasses.  He has a scholarly appearance. The woman’s  figure is improved by a corset. She appears uncomfortable, illustrated behaviorally by the position of her arms and hands on her abdomen. This couple appears emotionally separated from each other. There is no intimacy captured in this photograph. Although the couple is posed together, they do not seem to be together. Perhaps the couple is really not physically together in the studio and this image was doctored by the photographer, who added the gentleman to an existing photograph of the woman. Herman Larson was a Swedish immigrant who came to America through Sweden in the early 1900’s. In Sweden, he held a degree of Master Photographer and was knighted by the King of Sweden for his excellent work there in the late 1800’s. In 1904 he established his photography studio in downtown Minneapolis. Much of Larson’s work came from the theological, church and public schools in the area. The studio remains in business today and its web site discloses that it still possesses Larson’s panoramic circuit camera. The site also reports that Larson semi retired in the early 1950’s.To view other photographs by Larson, click on the category “Photographer: Larson”.

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This Cabinet Card portrait features a rather rotund gentleman with very impressive and well groomed sideburns. The subject is very well dressed a sporting a pocket watch with a large linked chain. The photographer was Carl M. Olson of Goteborg, Sweden. Goteborg is the second largest city in Sweden. The gentleman in this photograph is likely O. W. Lundquist. The name is handwritten on the reverse of this image. The photograph was taken sometime during or after 1897. This fact can be established because the reverse of the card indicates that the photographer won a photography award in Stockholm, sometime during 1897.

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