This carte de visite portrait features a very cute little boy and his cute little dog. The child has his arm affectionately wrapped around the dog. Both the boy and his dog are sitting on a bench. The child is very well dressed. He is wearing a terrific cap. Advertising on the reverse of the cdv indicates that the photograph was taken at the Arena studio in Napoli (Naples), Italy. This photo is in excellent condition (see scans).

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This vintage  postcard is unusual (uncommon). It features two female dancers, I believe they are performing a type of ballet. The dancer that is holding up the other dancer has very muscular legs. Is she a he? An inscription on the reverse of the card appears to say  “Jennoff”. I was hoping that the name  “Jennoff” would lead me to more information about this  postcard. It failed to do so. The story behind this Italian vintage postcard, intrigues me.  (SOLD)

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This oval carte de visite  photograph features an attractive young woman. Her hair is styled and she is wearing jewelry. The woman appears to be affluent. The photographer of this cdv is Guglielmo Sebastianutti (1825-1881). He has one portrait in England’s National Portrait Gallery. The portrait above is an early cdv image. It is evident that the photograph is from the early cdv era because the Sebastianutti  died in 1881 and because the years he won photography awards reveal the approximate time this photo was taken. The reverse of the photograph lists a number of awards won by the photographer. He was recognized in Berlin, Germany (1865), Paris, France (1867), Hamburg, Germany (1868), Groningen, Netherlands (1869), and Vienna, Austria (1870), Since Sebastianutti’s photography career ended in 1878, it is clear that this image was taken between 1870 and 1878. Sebastianutti’s studio was located in the city of Trieste, which is a port city located in northeast Italy. During Sebastianutti’s career, he partnered with celebrated German photographer, Franz Benque (1841-1921). Benque moved to Trieste in 1864 and partnered with Sebastianutti in the opening of a photography studio. At the time Sebastianutti was watchmaker. In 1868, Benque married Sebastianutti’s step-daughter, Isabella. Despite the success of his studio, Benque returned to Germany in 1869, and opened a studio with his cousin, Conrad Kindermann, in Hamburg. Benque must have had wanderlust because in 1870, he immigrated with his family to Brazil. There, he partnered with Alberto Henschel (1827-1882) and operated studios in Bahia and Pernambuco. Benque’s studios gained the reputation of being the best in all of Brazil. In 1878, Benque must have had another episode of wanderlust which propelled him back to Trieste and a partnership with Sebastianutti. Benque must have had one more “relocation” left in him. In 1903 he moved to Villach, Austria. This cdv image is in very good condition (see scans).

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italian beauty

italian beauty This vintage real photo postcard features a seated young Italian beauty holding a large bouquet of flowers. She is wearing a hairband and a half smile. The postcard is color tinted. An inscription can be found on the reverse of the postcard. The Italian writing can be loosely translated as “I offer my sincere love and memories”. The woman’s name is also written on the back of the postcard. Her name is “Aigene Anziletti”. The postcard paper was produced by AZO sometime between 1924 and 1949.   (SOLD)

italian beauty 2

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menchelli This vintage real photo postcard is another member of the Cabinet Card Gallery’s collection of international silent film stars. The beautiful actress featured on this postcard is Italian silent film star Pina Menichelli (1890-1984). She began her career in theater and in a number of small film roles. When she appeared in the lead role of “The Fire” (1916), she became elevated to stardom. For the next nine years, Menichelli appeared in many films and became a global star. She frequently appeared in roles where she played the role of a diva. She also showcased her, what wikipedia calls, her “decadent eroticism”. She retired in 1924 at the ripe old age of 34. Menichelli was born in Sicily to parents who were both touring theater actors. Her three siblings also became actors. She began acting as a child. Her theater travels took her to Argentina in 1908 and she married and relocated there. She returned to Italy in 1912 and acted in 35 films between 1913 and 1915. In 1918, one of her films was banned from theaters by Italian censors because Menichelli was “too fascinating” in the film. The IMDb website credits her with 62 film appearances between 1913 and 1925. A YouTube video biography of Miss Menichelli can be seen below. This postcard was published by Alberto Traldi of Milan, Italy. He was a publisher there beginning 1902, and according to one source, he ended his Milan business in 1918. This postcard was part of a series (no. 408). After World War II he returned to publishing postcards, including pin-up and cinema postcards. This vintage postcard portrait is in very good condition (see scans).

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menchelli 1

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italian cc

italian cc 1 This cabinet card photograph captures a lovely couple posing for their portrait. They are very well dressed. Their attire is clearly aimed at keeping warm on a winter day. The couple appears to be affluent. Their clothing, including the young woman’s furs, lead me to that conclusion. The man and woman in this photograph, are displaying a very interesting expression. In my opiniion, they appear to be somewhat amused as they gaze at something or someone they deem a bit odd. Feel free to leave a comment concerning your interpretation of this couple’s facial expressions. This portrait photo was taken at a studio in Venice, Italy. The photographers were Giuseppe and Luitzi Vianelli. An advertisement for the Vianelli Brothers indicates that during their career they had photographed the Royal House’s of Italy, Germany, England, and Greece. The ad also states that the pair had won many photography honors. The ads appeared in publications dating between 1896 and 1899. This cabinet card photo measures about 8″ x 3 3/4″ and is in very good condition (see scans).   (SOLD)

italian cc 2

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This risque vintage photograph features a pretty model covered by an almost sheer veiled material. She is showing a great deal of bare skin. The young woman has a wonderful smile and sparkling eyes. This photograph is a pin-up from the 1950’s. Pin-ups are models that are photographed in a mass produced manner and sold in the general culture. They are meant for informal display, often pinned to a wall. The women that pose for pin-up photos may be glamour or fashion models, or even actresses.These pictures are sometimes referred to as “cheesecake photos”. This vintage Italian postcard is part of a series by Foto S.P.E.S., Roma, no. 2020. This postcard is in very good condition (see scans).

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This vintage photo postcard captures a most adorable wide-eyed little girl sitting on a wooden chair and holding an accordion. The girl’s expression is precious. She seems happy to be posing for this photograph. She is sitting in front of a collection of her toys including a nutcracker man, a dog on wheels, and a doll. The accordion has the logo of the Cucciolo company. This company operated in Italy and this postcard is likely of Italian origin and produced in the 1930’s. Printing on the reverse of the postcard indicates that the postcard was published on Agfa postcard paper. Founded in 1867, “Actien-Gesellschaft fur Anilin-Farrikation” (AGFA) produced chemical liquids for photography. In 1913, the company becgan to produce postcard papers. The company’s primary factory was located in Berlin, Germany.

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The pretty costumed blonde actress featured in this real photo postcard is Edy Vayland. She is wearing a fantastic headdress. This portrait is a bit risque for it’s era. Preliminary research revealed zero information about this Belle Epoque theatre actress. The postcard is from the 1910’s and was published in Italy by A. Traldi from the city of Milan. Traldi operated in Milan from 1902-1918. The publisher concentrated on view cards of Europe and the Middle East. They are also known for a series published that focussed on dogs. Research reveals that they produced a number of postcard portraits of European stage performers. If any visitors to the Cabinet Card Gallery have information about Miss Vayland, please leave a comment to educate the rest of us.

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This vintage real photo postcard features French actress Josyanne (1901-1999) as she appeared in her screen role in the film “Carnelvale di enezia” (1928). The IMDb credits her with 14 film roles between 1924 and 1939 including L’aube de sang (1924), Le costaud des PTT (1931), and Aces of the Turf (1932). This postcard is of Italian origin and was edited by G. B. Falci of Milan. The postcard is part of a series (no. 103). Listed on the front of the photograph is the name Stefano Pittaluga (1887-1932). He was an Italian film producer credited with helping revive the Italian film industry in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s. He began as an owner of cinemas and than expanded to become a powerful distributor of Hollywood movies. Pittaluga further grew his business by becoming a major film producer.


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