BLISS BROTHERS_0001The gentleman in this cabinet card portrait, like the lyrics of the well known Beatles song, seems to me to be saying, “I  am the walrus.”. The well dressed bald man posed at Bliss Brother’s studio in Buffalo, New York. The studio was located at 368 Main Street (at the corner of Eagle).To learn more about photographers Harry and Frank Bliss and to view more of their photographs, click on the category “Photographer: Bliss Brothers”.


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Black Woman in Buffalo, New York


This is a terrific photograph of an attractive Black woman wearing a nice broach and earrings. Her hair is nicely styled. The photographer is Bliss Brothers of Buffalo, New York. The Bliss brothers, Harry (b 1866) and Frank (b 1858) were sons of Horace Bliss. The elder Bliss came to Buffalo in about 1854 and learned the photography business. In 1859 he established a photographic gallery which he ran until poor health caused him to retire in 1886. The brothers succeeded their father and established the studio under the name of Bliss Brothers. The source of the biographical information about the Bliss Brothers is the book, Our County and Its People (1898). To view other images by the Bliss Brothers, click on the category “Photographer: Bliss Brothers”. 

Black Woman in Buffalo, New York


This Cabinet photo is a portrait of a Black woman photographed by Bliss Brothers Portrait Studio in Buffalo, New York. To view other photographs by the Bliss Brothers, click on the category “Photographer: Bliss Brothers”.