This scalloped cabinet card features a slim figured teenage girl. She is wearing a necklace and earrings. The reverse of the photograph has a stamp which identifies the photographer as Thomas Ryerse and lists his address as 31 Emslie Street in Buffalo, New York. He is listed in the 1893 Buffalo directory as a photographer at the Emslie address. To view other photographs by Ryerse, click on the category “Photographer: Ryerse”.   SOLD

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promenade 1The gentleman in this vintage photograph looks like he just walked off the page of an issue of Gentleman’s Quarterly. His jacket is buttoned with only the top button and he is wearing a wide tie and pocket handkerchief. Note the watch chain under his jacket as well as the boater hat and cane that he is holding. The photographer of this image is Andrew Simson (1837-1922). He emigrated to Buffalo at the age of 11 from Germany. At the beginning of his career he had a partner and the name of their firm was Upton & Simson. Simson had a number of  “claims to fame”. In 1901 he was an accredited photographer at the Pan American Exposition in Buffalo. He also is known for training Howard D. Beach (1867-1954). Beach was a great talent who worked in several disciplines. He was a portrait photographer, inventor, scientist, poet, lecturer and photo/art critic. He partnered with with Beach in 1896 (Simson & Beach) and in 1900 purchased Beach’s interest in the studio. Research revealed that Beach was considered the major photographer in Buffalo in regard to serving the “most cultured” citizens of the city. This photograph is not the same size as a cabinet card. It measures about 4 x 7 1/4 and is known as a “Promenade Card”.  The printed word “Promenade” can be seen in the center of the bottom border of this image. This beautiful vintage photograph is in excellent condition (see scans).

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ball walker

This cabinet card portrait features a pretty young woman who likely performed in a balancing act for an unidentified circus. She has one foot on a ball that was used for balancing feats. The photograph is a bit risque for it’s era. The young lady is displaying a bit of a devilish grin. Note the upside down ghost image at the top of this image. The logo of the McDannell studio in Wattsburg, Pennsylvania is visible and the cause of this phenomenon is that this cabinet card was likely stored face-to-face with the McDannell cabinet card and The McDannell logo was pressed printed onto this circus performer photograph. It is worth mentioning that one of Mcdannell’s photographs is a resident of the Cabinet Card Gallery collection. The above cabinet card image was produced by the Rykert studio in Buffalo, New York. Chauncy W. Rykert and William Rykert were both photographers in Buffalo. Both men shared a studio on Buffalo’s Jefferson Street in the late 1870’s. Chauncy is the most likely one who produced this image as he remained a photographer in Buffalo for many more years than William.

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This cabinet card portrait features a charming little girl wearing a long dark dress and a serious expression. The photographer of this image is William Wunsch (1846-1929). His obituary, which appeared in the Buffalo News, indicates that he was a war hero. As Wunsch requested, he was buried with three war medals (including the Gold Cross). Wunsch was a lieutenant in the Franco Prussian Wars and he was decorated for bravery. He came to the United States in 1871 and was granted citizenship in 1876. He was married to Sophia E. Steinmetz Wunsch (1878-1949). He resumed his Prussian career as a photographer after immigrating to the United States. He was very active in the German community of Buffalo, particularly with singing societies. Wunsch was still a photographer at the time of his death even though he was 83 years old. He is buried in Buffalo’s Forest Lawn Cemetery. Judging by the scalloped edges of this photograph, the image was produced sometime after 1886. Wunsch’s studio was located on Military Road at least between 1878 and 1927. It is interesting to note that this war hero photographer located his studio on a street called “Military Road” and used a military figure in his business logo which can be seen on the reverse of the cabinet card (see image below).  (SOLD)

wunsch 1


BLISS BROTHERS_0001The gentleman in this cabinet card portrait, like the lyrics of the well known Beatles song, seems to me to be saying, “I  am the walrus.”. The well dressed bald man posed at Bliss Brother’s studio in Buffalo, New York. The studio was located at 368 Main Street (at the corner of Eagle).To learn more about photographers Harry and Frank Bliss and to view more of their photographs, click on the category “Photographer: Bliss Brothers”.


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buffalowoman_0003A lovely young woman wearing a stunning ruffled dress poses for her photograph at the Stuart studio in Buffalo, New York. She holds a feather covered hat on her lap. The woman is posed in a way where she is looking at the camera, but she appears to be lost in her thoughts. Research found a genealogical site that identifies the photographer as being Calvin A. Stuart (1844-1925) who was active in the Buffalo area between 1874 and sometime in the 1880’s. Stuart’s wife, Helen, also worked in the photography business.


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A nicely dressed and beautiful young woman poses for her portrait at the Werner Art Gallery. A. L. Werner operated his studio out of 101-103 Genesee Street in Buffalo, New York. The woman is identified on the reverse of the photograph as “Aunt Christine”.  She appears to be very fashionable but her millinery taste is somewhat suspect. By today’s standards, her hat can best be described as ostentatious. However, her choice in headwear was likely quite stylish for her time. To view other photographs by Werner and to learn more about him, click on the category “Photographer: Werner”.

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A handsome young man poses in his fraternal organization uniform at the studio of Edward Landsheft in Buffalo, New York. The previous owner of this cabinet card asserted that the uniform represents the Knights Templar, though I can not confirm his opinion as fact.  The subject of this image is holding a sword. Note the knights head on the sword pommel. Also worthy of notice are the crown and cross on his gloves and the initials “OPK” on his belt buckle. It is unknown whether “OPK” represents the man’s initials or is related to something specific in the Knights Templar culture.

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Who is Little Eddie? “Little Eddie” is the subject of this cabinet card photograph but research yielded no information about him. In this image, long haired Little Eddie is wearing a top coat and top hat. He is also wearing a lace collar with a triangular bib. He has a flower pinned to his lapel and a white handkerchief in his breast pocket. He is holding a wand type stick. The object has a small handle. The boy in this picture has a look of a showman. Perhaps he wasn’t even a boy but instead an adult midget (the term “little person” was not yet used).  The photographer of this image was Edward A. Remington who was a native of Greenfield, Massachusetts and came to Buffalo, New York from Chicago, Illinois. Remington’s obituary appears in The Professional and Amateur Photographer (1909). The article states that he was a “widely known” photographer in Buffalo for 15 years. He left behind a widow, Mrs. Mamie Remington.

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This cabinet card features a well-dressed handsome couple posing for their portrait at Hobert Brother’s Studio. The studio was located in Buffalo, New York. The Buffalo city directory lists Adam, A. S., W.F., and Stanley Hobert as working at the address of the photographic gallery. It is possible that A. S. Hobert may be Adam Stanley Hobert. Therefore, it is not clear how many Hobert Brothers were proprietors of the studio. (SOLD)


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