This vintage real photo postcard features an adorable short haired little girl posing between two pull toy animals. The toy elephant and lamb are larger than most pull toys I have seen in other vintage photographs. Note the girl’s piercing eyes. The history of pull toys is interesting, It is believed that the earliest wooden toys appeared sometime during the Stone Age.Wooden toys were produced during the Middle Ages and were manufactured by industry in the 1800’s, especially in Europe. Steiff was a manufacturer of pull-alongs. The toys were described in advertising as “High Class Riding animals”. In 1880, Margarete Steiff, a German seamstress, founded the stuffed animal company that bears her name. Interestingly, a bout of polio limited her sewing to using just one hand. Her nephew created the first soft bear for his Aunt. When an American wholesaler saw the bear at the Leipzig Toy Fair in 1903, he ordered three thousand of them. By the time of World War I, Steiff had sold millions of these toys in Europe and the United States. Perhaps the toys in this photo postcard were made by Steiff. Producers of early pull toys included Fisher Price and Lego. This photo postcard was produced by the Foto Luz studio, located in Bucharest, Romania. The studio’s name is embossed on the lower right hand corner of this scallop edged postcard. The postcard is from the 1940’s and is in excellent condition.

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Finding vintage real photo postcards that feature wedding couples is not all that challenging. However, this particular photo postcard is exceptionally special. First of all, the wedding portrait is gorgeous. The bride looks absolutely beautiful in her wedding gown and veil. The bride holds a giant bouquet of flowers. She shows great poise. The handsome groom is dressed to the nines in his tuxedo and top hat. The second factor that distinguishes this photograph is that there is some known history attached to it. The postcard is from an album belonging to a Jewish family in Romania. The front of the postcard is embossed with the name and location of the studio that took this photo. The studio was located in Bucharest, Romania. The name of the photographer is difficult to decipher. I believe that this postcard is from the 1920’s. This vintage real photo postcard is in very good condition (see scans).

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This vintage real photo postcard features what appears to be a young mail carrier or delivery boy. He is carrying a tied packet of envelopes and he is wearing a uniform. A patch on his sleeve reads LMB 117. This image is a bit of a mystery. Is this teenage boy a mail carrier or a student? What does LMB signify? What is the meaning of what the boy is wearing on his head (flower wreath)? There are more questions than answers provided by this photograph. The photo was taken at the Lonyai studio in Bucharest, Romania. The stamp box on the reverse of this postcard indicates that the paper was produced by K Ltd, likely between 1918 and 1936. It is probable that it was produced sometime in the 1930’s. This interesting image has excellent clarity.                  ADDENDUM: A viewer of this photograph has painted a more accurate picture of what is occurring in the photo. “This boy is being an award winner of his class at the school. That package under his arm didn’t contain envelopes, but books. The page on the top is a diploma. One more thing: that wreath symbolize the laurels with which the Roman emperors adorned their foreheads when they turned victorious from the wars…The best pupil at learning was of course victorious…”.



A pretty young woman, holding a bouquet of flowers, poses for her portrait at a studio in Bucharest, Romania. Printing on the reverse of this real photo postcard reveals that the photographer was Julietta, an appointed  photographer of Romania’s royal court. This postcard is dated 1914.   (SOLD)

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romanian folk

This vintage real photo postcard features a pretty woman posing for her portrait at a studio in Focsani, Romania. Foscani is the capital city of Vrancea County and is located on the shores of the Milcov River in the historic region of Moldavia. The woman in this image is nicely dressed in what I believe is a traditional regional clothing. She is wearing a flower in her hair and she is coyly looking at the camera. Note that the photographer’s backdrop does not meet the floor. Writing on the reverse of this postcard indicates that the photograph was taken in 1937 and that the postcard was addressed to an individual living in Bucharest, Romania. Bucharest is that nation’s capital and largest city.

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