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These two real photo postcards features stage beauty, Maie Ash (1888-1923). She was an English comedy actress and dancer. She made her London debut in 1902 at Shaftesbury Theatre. The next year she played the title role in Cinderella in Southampton. Other appearances include “Goody Two Shoes” (1904), “Yellow Fog Island” (1907), and “My Darling” (1907). Ash played Miss Gibbs in “Our Miss Gibbs” (1911). A reviewer of the play, writing for the “Playgoer Weekly”,  suggests that Ash was charming in her role and that her singing voice resembled that of popular actress, Miss Ellaline Terriss.  The reviewer added that her singing and dancing brought the audience much pleasure and that she demonstrated herself to be a “most finished musical comedienne”. She married actor Stanley Brett in 1909. He was the brother of celebrated actor Seymour Hicks. The pair divorced in 1913, and in 1915, she married comedian Fred Allandale. Apparently, Miss Ash and Mr. Allandale didn’t wait for their divorces before getting involved romantically. Ash was named by Allandale’s wife and Allandale was named by Ashe’s husband in their respective divorce petitions. So much for impulse control. Ash was the sitter for six portraits in Britain’s National Portrait Gallery.

Postcard 1 features a fetching portrait of Maie Ash. She is wearing a beautiful smile and has pretty eyes. The card was published by Ralph Dunn & Company which operated in London, England. The post card is part of a series (no. A 105).  The card has a 1905 postmark. The message on this postcard wishes the recipient “Many happy returns of the day”. According to Wikipedia, this 18th century greeting is meant to offer the hope that each happy day is repeated by other happy days, The saying was often used on birthdays, and in particular, as a response to “Merry Christmans” and “Happy New Year” wishes. The word “returns” also was used to wish a person that their day yields much happiness.(SOLD)       

Postcard 2  presents a close-up photograph of Miss Ash. The postcard is a bit risque for it’s time. Her low cut dress and her coy expression accentuate the beauty of the alluring actress. This postcard was published by the Rotary Photo Company as part of their “Rotary Photographic Series (No. 1831K)”. This photo of Maie Ash was taken by the Johnston & Hoffmann studio. Theodore Julius Hoffmann and P. A. Johnston established a commercial photography studio in Calcutta (1882) and Darjeeling (1890). They also operated a studio in Simla. Johnston and Hoffmann’s photography business was the second largest commercial photography studio in India in that period. Many of their images were of North and Northeast India as well as Sikkim and Nepal. Johnston & Hoffmann produced many photographs of actors and actresses. It is certain that these performers did not travel to India to have their photo taken. It seems likely that Johnston & Hoffmann also had a studio in England during some part of their careers. It is also possible that there were to separate studios that coincidentally shared the same name. This postcard was postmarked in 1906 in Southampton, England. The postcard is in very good condition (see scans).                                                                                     

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maieashII 2 POSTCARD 2


Mollie Lowell, a stage actress, is featured in this vintage real photo postcard. According to the Internet Broadway Data Base (IBDB), she appeared in one Broadway play. The play was a musical comedy and entitled “Our Miss Gibbs” (1910). Sketch (1899) reports that Lowell was born in Newcastle-on-tyne and was of Irish descent. She joined the Carl Rosa Opera Company and played small parts. Next, she was signed by George Edwardes and she appeared in “The Geisha” (1896) and “A Greek Slave” (1898). She then had great success in the production of “Her Royal Highness”. Play Pictorial (1906) cites her appearance in “The Beauty of Bath”. This photo postcard, published by Rotary Photo, was part of the Rotary Photographic Series (no.1964B) and was printed in England. The photographer of Miss Lowell’s portrait is listed as Play Pictorial magazine, indicating that the photo likely appeared in that publication.

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