A very pretty woman sits on the rocks and poses for this splendid vintage real photo postcard portrait. The woman sits on the rocks along the shore of an unidentified body of water. The young woman is wearing a summer dress and has a parasol beside her. It is amazing to me how, dressed in a relatively tame fashion, she is just as attractive as any scantily clad model that appears in the Sports Illustrated bathing suit issue. I will admit, that the photographer most certainly posed her to reveal her partially uncovered calves. I guess sexual provocativeness sells postcards as well as magazines. This postcard has a message that is dated 1932. It was published by L. Bergeret of Paris, France. I don’t know if there is a connection between L. Bergeret and Albert Bergeret (1859-1932). Albert was a leading French postcard producer in France who operated in the city of Nice. In 1900 he produced 25 million cards and by 1903 he published 75 million postcards. I am wondering if L Bergeret may have been a successor to Albert Bergeret. L. Bergerets images seem to cluster in the 1930’s.


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