African American Man in Checkered Jacket in Cincinnati, Ohio


A young African American man is photographed in the Cabinet Card by H. Mueller of Cincinnati, Ohio. He is wearing a checkered jacket with a handkerchief in his jacket pocket.

Chavita: Beautiful Paris Stage Star

chavitaChavita is captured in this Cabinet Card by famed Paris Photographer, Reutlinger. This beautiful woman is wearing a mantilla and holding a spanish fan. She is wearing a Spanish lace dress and is clearly in a corset. She danced at the opera=comique and was known for her “spicy numbers”. More information will be added when research uncovers further biographical information on this star of the Paris stage. To view other photographs by Charles Reutlinger, click on the category “Photographer: Reutlinger”.

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This very cute baby  was photographed by the Imperial Studio of San Francisco, California. The Cabinet Card is very different from most Cabinet Card photographs of infants. The more typical photo is one in which the baby is wrapped in a blanket and the baby’s whole body is in the image at a far distance. This baby is a adorable and could have been a commercial model if he or she was born in modern times.

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This Cabinet card image is of a father and his two sons posing at the studio of Cavra in Philippopoli (Plovdiv), Bulgaria. Notice the clothing worn by the three members of this family. The father is dressed in the clothing of a peasant while the two sons are wearing more fashionable attire. Note the cane, the umbrella and the two hats in the image. The city of Plovdiv is in south central bulgaria on the Maritsa River. It is presently the second largest city in Bulgaria. The city was in the possession of the Turks who passed it to Russia in 1877. It became the capitol of Eastern Rumelia (1878-1885) which united with Bulgaria in 1885. To view other photographs by Cavra, click on the category “Photographer: Cavra”.

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Child Dressed as Sailor Reading a Book in Boston, Massachusetts


This Cabinet card captures a young boy dressed as a sailor posing for the camera as he sits in a large ornate chair reading a book. Note the child’s boots. Sailor boy is photographed by Fred L. Davis of Boston, Massachusetts.

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Agnes Ethel: Broadway Stage Actress


Agnes Ethel (1853-1903) was briefly one of the more popular and promising actresses of her time. She made her debut in New York in 1869 playing Camille. Augustin Daly signed her and she appeared in Play (1869). Daly’s biographer described Ethel as “a slender figure, candid eyes, flowing auburn hair, an oval face, and regular features always lit up by an expression of childish appeal.” Her biggest success was in Daly’s Frou-Frou  (1870). In 1873, he retired at the height of her career when she married Francis Tracy, a millionaire from Buffalo, New York. She stated her reason for leaving the stage was to aim “for quiet domesticity”. She spent post retirement supporting charities and helping struggling actors and actresses. When her husband died, she was involved in a nasty legal dispute about his will. She was eventually awarded his entire fortune. The photographer of this Cabinet card is the well known studio of Gurney & Son.

Young Woman with Bad Jewelry in Buffalo, New York

charmThis young woman is  wearing a necklace with a charm portrait of another young woman. The necklace and charm appear to have been added after the photograph was taken. The photographer is Ryerse of Buffalo, New York. In my opinion, the photographer earns high marks for creativity but poor marks for artistry. To view other photographs by Ryerse, click on the category “Photographer: Ryerse”.

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Osmond Tearle: English Theatre Actor


Osmond Tearle (1852-1901) was a very successful English stage actor and ran a professional theatre company. This Cabinet Card image is from the studio of Jose Mora, famed celebrity photographer of New York City.

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Fashionable Woman in San Francisco


This Cabinet card by Rieman & Co. of San Francisco captures the image of a fashionable young woman in San Francisco, California. Rieman’s studio was in San Francisco in 1882 and he was partners with Forrest Chadbourne. Rieman opened a new studio in 1886 so it is clear that this photograph was taken between 1882 and 1886. To view other photographs by Rieman & Co., click on cabinet card gallery’s category “Photographer: Rieman”.

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Beautiful Woman Reading in Wittenberg, Wisconsin


This Cabinet card presents a crisp image of an attractive woman reading in a sitting room. She is reading a large picture book and dressed very fashionably. The photographer is C. A. Spicer of Wittenberg, Wisconsin. Wittenberg is in north central Wisconsin and wzs founded in 1879 by Reverend E. J. Homme.

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