This cabinet card portrait features a woman dressed in black and wearing a black mantilla. Perhaps this is a mourning photograph. The photograph was taken at the studio of George Anthony Henry Eggers in Dunkirk, New York. Eggers and his wife Josephine had a son who was a noted artist. George W. Eggers (1883-1958) accomplishments in art included his talent as an art administrator. He directed three art museums (Art Institute of Chicago, Denver Art Museum, Worcester Art Museum). Photographer, George Eggers parents emigrated from Germany in the early 1850’s. By 1870, George was working as a photographer. He worked with a local doctor, who was an avid photographer, to publish a two volume set of photograph books which can be seen at the Dunkirk Historical Museum. George worked as a photographer until about 1890. At age 80, he designed and built a model schooner for his grandson (see image below).The boat was five feet long, built to scale, and was very detailed.

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This exceptionally clear cabinet card features an extremely beautiful woman wearing a lace mantilla. What’s a mantilla? According to Wikepedia, a mantilla is a lace or silk veil or shawl worn over the head and shoulder. Mantillas became popular in Spain toward the end of the sixteenth century. The photographer is Emilie Bieber and she had studios in Berlin and Hamburg, Germany.  Could E. Bieber, be related to Canadian singer and songwriter, Justin Bieber? Afterall, Justin Bieber’s great grandfather was from Germany. Forget it! Lets not go there! Lets get back to the cabinet card. Emilie Bieber was a female German photographer who was later joined in business by her nephew Leonard Berlin-Bieber. To read more about Emilie Bieber and to view other photographs by her studio, click on the category “Photographer: Bieber”.

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Chavita: Beautiful Paris Stage Star

chavitaChavita is captured in this Cabinet Card by famed Paris Photographer, Reutlinger. This beautiful woman is wearing a mantilla and holding a spanish fan. She is wearing a Spanish lace dress and is clearly in a corset. She danced at the opera=comique and was known for her “spicy numbers”. More information will be added when research uncovers further biographical information on this star of the Paris stage. To view other photographs by Charles Reutlinger, click on the category “Photographer: Reutlinger”.

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