This exceptionally clear cabinet card features an extremely beautiful woman wearing a lace mantilla. What’s a mantilla? According to Wikepedia, a mantilla is a lace or silk veil or shawl worn over the head and shoulder. Mantillas became popular in Spain toward the end of the sixteenth century. The photographer is Emilie Bieber and she had studios in Berlin and Hamburg, Germany.  Could E. Bieber, be related to Canadian singer and songwriter, Justin Bieber? Afterall, Justin Bieber’s great grandfather was from Germany. Forget it! Lets not go there! Lets get back to the cabinet card. Emilie Bieber was a female German photographer who was later joined in business by her nephew Leonard Berlin-Bieber. To read more about Emilie Bieber and to view other photographs by her studio, click on the category “Photographer: Bieber”.

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  1. I share your passion for old pictures.
    Where did you get all these pictures?

    • In regard to the question regarding the source of the Cabinet Card Gallery’s photographs, the answer is that there are many sources. Antique stores, antique shows, online auctions, and online antique shops are where I find most of the images. All my vacations include some time set aside to search for new photographs.
      There is a number of us out there that share a passion for old pictures. I often wonder about what the attraction is to these old images. What is the combination of personality traits and interests that directs us to look at and enjoy these antique photographs? Sounds like a potential doctoral dissertation study to me. I invite all visitors to this site to share their opinion as to what they think their and other people’s attraction is to viewing vintage photographs.

      • Old pictures was a way to link to my ancestors.

        Some people I did not know about or very little.
        I found almost everyone using old pictures, and I can put a face on a name.

        My passion for genealogy started with old pictures.

        Then this passion evolved to writing Nos ancêtres, and then Our Ancestors, an English version to reach out for English speaking people who were descendants of the Lagacés and the Sauvés.

        I have been writing since Nos ancêtres since 2008 and Our Ancestors since 2009.

        I just can’t stop…!

        Now I know I have found someone out there in cyberspace who shares his passion without asking anything in return.

        This makes you a remarkable person.

        Pierre Lagacé

  2. Vintage photos are fascinating. It provides us a view of the past. People living their lives 100-150 years ago. Compared to us they are different, but also in many ways similar. What were they thinking, what did they do?

    PS I prefer Emilie Bieber over the other one.

  3. A lot of more photos from E. Bieber…

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