Young Woman with Bad Jewelry in Buffalo, New York

charmThis young woman is  wearing a necklace with a charm portrait of another young woman. The necklace and charm appear to have been added after the photograph was taken. The photographer is Ryerse of Buffalo, New York. In my opinion, the photographer earns high marks for creativity but poor marks for artistry. To view other photographs by Ryerse, click on the category “Photographer: Ryerse”.

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  1. Amazing! {laugh} well really, it couldn’t have been very easy in the pre-photoshop days. Is the jewelry drawn on? I wonder why…perhaps her friend died soon after? or she forgot her brooch that day.

    • Every picture has a story. Excuse my dredging this up from the archives. But, I believe the portrait is ‘as taken’ and the necklace portrait is the center of interest of composition, as intended. The somber look on the girl’s face may be telling (or my imagination, as you will). I have in darkroom ‘days of yore’, with better & updated equipment (but B.P. of course … i.e. before photoshop), made thousands of pictures. The quality of this ‘retouching’, under magnification, would far exceed my pay grade, or anyone I knew, using those methods. It is interesting, the posing on the ‘necklace portrait’ seems ahead of its time. I suspect the ‘pin’ has significance too, but can’t make it out. Every picture has a story … wish I knew this one.

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