This vintage photograph features an attractive and well dressed young couple. Perhaps this photo is a wedding picture. The couple are wearing formal clothing and the woman is flashing a ring on the ring finger of her left hand. The gentleman is wearing a wide collar as well as cuff links. The woman has what appears to be a tied loose cord hanging loosely from her waist. I wonder what the purpose is of the cord. Is it just for fashion sake? The woman is also wearing a pince nez, a style of glasses popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The glasses stay on the wearers face by pinching the bridge of their nose. The glasses have no earpieces. An inscription, lightly written in pencil on the reverse of the photograph provides us with some information about the photograph. The photo was taken in 1903 or 1904. The studio was located in West Point, Mississippi. It is situated in the Northeast section of the state. In 1909, President William Taft visited West Point, Mississippi and made some remarks as he stood on the platform of the last train car. This vintage photograph measures about 6″ x *8″ and is in very good condition (see scans).

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Two adorable brothers wearing large bow ties pose for their portrait for photographer S. B. Terry at his studio in Winona, Mississippi. The boys are identified in an inscription on the reverse of the cabinet card. The older boy is Walter Boyce Bailey (1892-?) and the younger lad is John Wendell Bailey (1895-1967). The 1910 US census finds Walter (age 18) and John (age 14) living with their parents, Thomas J. and Emma M. Bailey. Also in residence was two sisters, a brother, two boarders, and a servant (cook). Thomas Bailey held a Doctorate of Divinity (Baptist). The family was living in Jackson, Mississippi. The 1920 US census found Walter living in a Denver rooming house. He was married and worked as a cashier for a machine manufacturing company. The 1930 US census reveals that he was still living in Denver and he was living with his wife Louise and two daughters and a son. He was employed with a tire company in some capacity relating to buses and trucks. The 1940 US census states that he was still in Denver with his family but was working as a tax agent. Research reveals that unlike his brother, John Bailey remained in Mississippi. He graduated from Mississippi State University and worked as a college professor. The 1940 US census reports that he was married to Lani Lloyd Bailey and they had three children residing at home. He is buried at the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Starkville, Mississippi. To learn more about the photographer of this cabinet card portrait and to view more of his images, click on the category “Photographer: Terry”.  SOLD


This cabinet card portrait is by S. B. Terry of Winona, Mississippi. His subject is a young girl with an angelic expression. She is wearing a fancy elaborate hat with ostrich plumes. Her hair is styled with  sausage curls. She appears to be draped in white cloth. This portrait is very styled and atypical of many of the portraits of this era. The photographer, Sterling B. Terry was born in Mississippi circa 1862. He married his wife Anna in 1882. The 1900 census found him living in Winona with his wife (age 38), son William (age 15), and daughers Anne (age 11), Mary (age 10), and Clara (age 7). The 1900 and the 1910 census lists S. B. Terry’s occupation as “Photographer”. To view other photographs by this photographer, click on the category “Photographer: Terry”.

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