The pretty woman in this cabinet card photograph is identified on the reverse of the card as Rose Hitchcock. The inscription adds that she is the daughter of Mette Clara Felton Hitchcock. Rose Hitchcock (1873-?) lived in Brimfield, Massachusetts, according to the 1880 census. Rose was the sister of George (1868-?) and Dora (1870-?), and the daughter of William Hitchcock (1812-?). William Hitchcock was a farmer. This portrait was published by A. V. Brown, whose studio was located at 380 Main Street, in Springfield, Massachusetts. This cabinet card portrait is in very good condition (see scans).

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Photographer, George Kidder, of the Gem Studio in Melrose, Massachusetts, produced this photograph of a young street urchin. Street urchin is truly a horrid word to describe what appears to be a homeless or poor child residing primarily in the streets of her town or city.  The little girl featured in this cabinet card may be neither homeless or poor but she certainly conveys that impression. She clearly is not dressed in fine or cute clothing like many children who posed for photographers in the cabinet card era. The photograph appears to be taken outside but may have been taken inside a studio. The previous owner of this image labelled the subject of this photograph as “Little Miss Attitude”.  The photographer of this cabinet card, George R. Kidder was found in both the 1870 and 1880 United States Census. He was listed in both censuses as being a photographer and as residing in Watertown, Massachusetts. He was married to Rebecca Kidder and had two daughters. It appears that Kidder was a veteran of the civil war. George R. Kidder was a member of Company I in the 1st Regiment Infantry of the Massachusetts Volunteers. He entered service as a private and left service with the same rank.

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This cabinet card is a portrait of Reverend Albert Tyler (1823-1913) who was a publisher and historian in Worcester,  Massachusetts. Tyler was a Universalist minister. Tyler’s portrait was done by the studio of Davis & Woodward, located in Webster, Massachusetts. Tyler’s name, date of birth, and date of death are listed in an inscription on the reverse of the photograph. This image was taken in his later years and he has a long gray beard that becomes very wispy at its bottom. In the book, “History of  Worcester Massachusetts” , by Lincoln and Hersey (1862), Tyler is said to have been born in Smithfield, Rhode Island. The publication states that Tyler was ordained in 1851 from the Union Association of  Universalists in Warren, Massachusetts. He then became pastor of churches in Oxford, Ma. (2 years), Granby, Connecticut (6 years), and Quincy, Ma.. Next he moved to Worcester and entered the printing business. The Webster Times (1889) supplies an interesting story about Reverend Tyler. He was in attendance of the 28th reunion of the 15th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment (Company E) when he displayed some unusual behavior. Tyler “created a sensation” among the 25 veterans in attendance “by rising and saying he received a “spiritual communication” from Lieutenant Nelson Bartholomew who had died during the war. The message that Tyler received stated that the Lieutenant’s spirit was attending the meeting and found it “most enjoyable to him” and that he loved his comrades, just as he had in 1861. This cabinet card photograph is in very good condition (see scans).



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An attractive young woman poses for her portrait at the Gray Studio in Boston, Massachusetts. Take special note of the detail of the subject’s face. The photographer did an excellent job with lighting and posing the subject. The image portrays her skin and facial features with accuracy and clarity. Note her bright eyes and how the photograph details the young lady’s hair. George E. Gray’s (1856-?) studio was located on historic Tremont Row.  The 1900 US census lists Gray as living with his wife Minnie and his children Stanley (age 10) and Doris (age 5). He is listed as being born in Maine, although other sources report New Hampshire. The family also had a Swedish live-in woman (age 24) who was their “servant”. The census stated that George and Minnie married in 1889 and George was working as a photographer. The 1920 US census finds 64 year-old George and 50 year-old Minnie living with their son and George was still working as a photographer. In fact, Boston business directories confirm that George worked as a photographer from at least 1882 through 1931. To view other photographs by Gray, click on the category “Photographer: Gray (MA)”. This cabinet card portrait is in good condition (see scans).

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worcester family cab

worcester family cab 1This cabinet card is a family portrait of a nicely dressed young couple and their baby. Mom and dad are wearing flowers and mom appears to be holding a cane or umbrella. The photograph was produced by the Flodin & Thyberg Photographic Art Studio in Worcester, Massachusetts. The photograph is dated 1889. Photographer, Ferdinand Flodin was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1863.He came to America in 1883 and studied photography in Boston with a well known photographer named Ernest Ritz. He then studied under renowned Boston photographer, William Notman. He moved to Worcester in 1887 and partnered with August Thyberg in opening a gallery. After a time, Thyberg withdrew from the business. Flodin was a very productive writer. He had several articles published in photography journals. He also wrote an illustrated book on Sweden. In addition, he wrote an article which appeared in “Photographic Mosaics: Annual Record of Photographic Progress” (1895). The article was entitled “Our Reception-Room Showcase”. The Wilson Photographic Magazine (1903) reported that Flodin returned to Sweden in 1898 and operated a studio in Stockholm. The magazine article includes some excellent photographs of the Swedish gallery. August Thyberg was born in Sweden in 1863. He immigrated to the United States in 1884. His wife, Alma, was also Swedish. The United States census provides further information about Thyberg. In 1900, he was living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and working as a merchant. In 1910, he lived in Springfield, Massachusetts and worked as a blacksmith. In 1920, he lived in Minneapolis and owned a shoe business. The 1930 census finds Thyberg retired in Minneapolis. It  is safe to say, that unlike his one-time partner, Flodin; Thyberg had  a difficult time sticking to an occupation. To view more photographs by this studio, click on the category “Photographer: Flodin & Thyberg. (SOLD)

worcester family cab 2


fraternal mass

fraternal guy 4This cabinet card offer a clear and crisp image of a uniformed member of a fraternal organization. Hopefully, a visitor to the cabinet card gallery will be able to identify which organization the gentleman represents. The photographer of this image is Edward P. Fowler and his studio was located in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Listings of his photography business indicate that he operated at least between the years 1869 and 1880. During that time period he operated his business on Main Street and on Merrimack Street, apparently not simultaneously.

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fraternal mass 2

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lawrence 3

A cute little girl wearing a checkered dress and big hat posses for her photograph at the Lawrence studio in Worcester, Massachusetts. The child projects an air of confidence as she gazes at Frank Lawrence, the photographer. A drawing of Lawrence’s studio can be seen on the reverse of this cabinet card (see image below). His studio was located on the John G.Clark’s Block. To learn more about this photographer and to view more of his photographs, click on the category “Photographer: Lawrence”.  (SOLD)

lawrence 2

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young couple

A well dressed young wedding couple pose for their portrait in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Both subjects are wearing corsages and the young man is holding what appears to be a program or certificate. The photograph shows no affection or emotional connection between the groom and the bride. A fitting wedding present may have been a gift certificate for marital therapy. The photographer of this image is S. R. Page. Mr. Page appears in the US census of 1900 and the data indicates that he was born in Canada in 1865. He immigrated to the United States in 1894 and was married to a woman named Felinne. The census also indicates that he worked as a photographer. The 1897 Lawrence City Directory reports that Page worked as a photographer at the same address as seen on this cabinet card.   (SOLD)

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hudsonThis cabinet card portrait captures a young family posing at the R. B. Lewis studio in Hudson, Massachusetts. Both mother and father are each holding one of their infants on their laps. Mom looks quite pretty in her striped blouse  and is wearing a long necklace and collar pin. Dad looks comfortable enough sitting in a somewhat ornate chair. To view other cabinet card photographs by R. B Lewis, click on the category “Photographer: Lewis”.   SOLD


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music family

This cabinet card features a father and son posing for their portrait at a photography studio in North Adams, Massachusetts. Both father and son are standing by their violins. Sheet music rests on a music stand. Hopefully the boy has memorized his part because there is no way he is going to be able to read the music due to it being elevated so far above his head. Dad seems to be rather self absorbed as he poses for the camera. It is as if he is oblivious to the presence of his son. It is interesting that the photographer chose to photograph the musical pair in a faux outdoor setting. Placing the subjects in a faux parlor or music room seems more appropriate. Nevertheless, this is a terrific photograph. I have been unable to decipher the photographers name and would appreciate any assistance in the effort from any cabinet card gallery visitor. Visitors have played an important role in providing research and background information throughout the gallery’s history and their efforts are greatly appreciated.  SOLD

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