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fraternal guy 4This cabinet card offer a clear and crisp image of a uniformed member of a fraternal organization. Hopefully, a visitor to the cabinet card gallery will be able to identify which organization the gentleman represents. The photographer of this image is Edward P. Fowler and his studio was located in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Listings of his photography business indicate that he operated at least between the years 1869 and 1880. During that time period he operated his business on Main Street and on Merrimack Street, apparently not simultaneously.

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  1. The crown with the wreath on the hat, plus the crook (shephard’s staff), the sword and the three links are symbols of the International Order of Odd Fellows and a military offshoot of it called the Canton or Patriarch Militant. They also use the Chevron for chevalry which can be seen in the large plaque attached to the shoulder sage.

    Patriarchs Militant

    Founded during the American Civil war, the Patriarchs Militant (PM) is Odd Fellowship’s uniformed branch,[61] and is the branch which offers the highest degree of the IOOF. It is purely semi-military in its character, organized for chivalric display and is admirably fulfilling its mission through the annual ‘Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers’ ceremony held in Washington, DC, Canada and other public ceremonies conducted in several countries such as Cuba.[62]

    There is only one degree, the Chevalier degree. Upon completion of this degree, one is entitled to hold office in the Canton. Sometimes the Patriarchs Militant is referred to as “the Canton”, due to the Canton being the name used in lieu of “Lodge”. The seal of the PM is a gold and jeweled crown, within which is a shepherds crook crossed with a sword and the triple links of Odd Fellowship connecting the two at the bottom. One must retain their membership and remain in good standing within both the subordinate lodge and Encampment while a member of the PM.

    The following link to Wikipedia gives a lot more info.

  2. He is a part of the Grand Encampment of the IOOF.

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