Turkish Family Poses in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


A Turkish family is posing in their traditional garb for photographer L.A. Sawyer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cabinet cards capture history and this photograph represents the building of America through immigration. How did this family adapt to life in this country? What issues did they face? Lots of questions and no answers. We can only imagine or read about the struggles of other immigrant families. The inscription below the photograph appears to indicate that this family comes from Bitlis, Turkey. Bitlis is located in southeastern Turkey, southwest of Lake Van and 4600 feet above sea level. It is rich in history, having been controlled by Arab dynasties, Byzantines, Persians and Mongolians. By the 14th century it became part of the Kurdish dynasty and was very autonomous until 1847 when it became part of the Ottoman empire. During World War I, the city was occupied by the Russians. The occupation had adverse impact on Bitlis; it reduced its population and damaged their weaving and dyeing industries.

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Ethnic Family in New York City


This Cabinet card is a photograph of a very attractive ethnic family. The photographer is Kaufmann of New York City. Notice the multiple props. Mom is holding flowers and the older child has a book while the youngest is holding what appears to be a walking stick. Dad has a pocket watch and he and his family seem to be wearing their sunday best for this terrific portrait.

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