CHILD BRIDE ANDWhat an interesting image! The subjects of this Cabinet Card photograph appear to be a young girl and boy dressed as bride and groom. Another possibility is that this may be a photograph of  two midgets, perhaps from a traveling show. My guess is that judging by their appearance, these are children and probably siblings as they seem to show a family resemblance to each other. What do you think? The photographer is F Donahue of Hornellsville, New York. Hornellsville is in Steuben County, New York and is near the Pennsylvania border. Check out the comments left concerning this cabinet card. Knowledgeable visitors recognized this photograph as a portrait of a “Tom Thumb Wedding”. Click on the category of “Tom Thumb Wedding” to see other examples.

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  1. I am quite sure they are in fact children and not dwarfs. Their dress is actually rather common first holy communion attire for a wealthier victorian family. Girls today often still wear veils and white dresses for this catholic tradition.

  2. These are most likely children and probably participants in what were known as “Tom Thumb” Wedding pageants used to raise money for churches and schools.

    Love your photographs. Do you own them all?


  3. I have to second the comment above. It looks like a ‘Tom Thumb Wedding’.

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