officeer and family_0006A Prussian soldier, his wife, and son pose for their portrait in the  Schmidt studio in Furstenwalde, Germany. The photograph is dated 1898. The photograph shows a bit more intimacy than most during this time period. The soldiers son is holding his fathers hand and the soldiers wife appears to have her arm against her husbands shoulder. Note the soldiers moustache; it curves upward rather than the regularly seen downward. Perhaps a visitor to this entry can ascertain the soldiers rank and branch of service.


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  1. Rozpoznaję pra pra wuja Edmunda z rodziną,brata mojej pra pra babci z którym utraciliśmy kontakt od wybuchu II wojny światowej.Bardzo proszę o pilny kontakt.

  2. Here is a translation of the comment seen above: “I recognize my great uncle Edmund with my family, my great-great-grandmother’s brother with whom we have lost contact since the outbreak of World War 1.”

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