Kate Stokes poses for this cabinet card photograph for Newsboy of New York. She is wearing snake skins on her arms and has quite an interesting veil. It would be interesting to discover what play her costume is from. The costume appears to be very middle eastern or Indian.  More research or comments from visitors to this site will hopefully provide further biographical information about Kate Stokes.  Newsboy cabinet cards were used as a premium to help tobacco sales for Newsboy plug tobacco.


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  1. […] interesting side note:  Stetson married the love of his life an actress named Kate Stokes who had grown up in the circus as a bare-back equestrian and later became an actress after a […]

  2. Catherine “Kate” Stetson nee Stokes (1861-1896): Her father was a circus manager. Her mother and Kate and her three sisters all were famous circus bareback riders. Kate began bareback riding as a child and could ride well at the age of 3. However, after breaking both her legs falling from a horse, she retired from the circus, married and became an actress in 1887. She had only moderate success and retired from the stage in 1893. Obituary: “She was the possessor of great personal beauty, being a tall, stately brunette, and was extremely popular in the society in which she moved.” Shortly after her husband died at 61, she died at the age of 35.
    From findagrave.com

  3. Thank you for sharing the interesting biographical information about Miss Stokes. It appears that she accomplished a lot in her short life.

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