This cabinet card is clearly a photograph of three men in their occupational garb. They appear to be butchers but there is no confirmation available. The men are very muscular and that may be evidence supporting the hypothesis that they are butchers. The gentleman in the middle has an air of authority and looks to be the oldest of the three. Why are their sleeves rolled up? Perhaps keeping their sleeves rolled up is what they typically do when performing their work. The photographic studio that produced this cabinet card  is Anderson’s of Logansport, Indiana.


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  1. I love this card! It seems atypical for the time; I’ve seen many of policemen and military men in their uniforms, but don’t ever recall butcher’s aprons!

    The early days of the muscle shirt, eh?

  2. … but I would hazard a guess that they’re bakers, who typically have ropy arms, and wear lightweight, white clothing against flour and oven heat. I doubt their clothes would hold up long under the work of a butcher.

  3. There’s another card like this for sale on Ruby Lane, same men and setting but different pose.

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