This Cabinet Card photograph is a portrait of an attractive couple posing at the studio of Burkholder & Co. in Orrville, Ohio. The young woman in the image is wearing a hair comb which is clearly seen atop her head. The photographer is John Harley Burkholder (1863-1938) who was active in North Central Ohio from the mid 1880’s until 1910 or later. He had a studio in Orrville in 1894. His brother George Burkholder was his assistant between 1894 and 1901.  There were other photographers sharing the same last name who were active in Ohio at about this time period. Eugenia A. Burkholder worked in 1893 at James Ball’s studio in Fostoria, Ohio; and L.M Burkholder and W. N. Burkholder are Ohio photographers mentioned in historical records.

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  1. I’m looking for any living relatives of J.H. Burkholder.

    Please contact me at


    • Arthur,
      I am a great nephew of J H [John Henry] Burkholder.
      Dennis Burkholder

  2. Arthur,

    This photo was taken by my relative whose name was John Henry (not John Harley as noted here). I have been collecting his work, one of which is in the Smithsonian [of course, so are many photographers of moderate to superb skill]. John invented a camera lens mechanism which I don’t think he patented since I haven’t found the patent. Twice I have tried to buy one on E-bay without success. Among interesting works of his which I possess are one in which he dressed in native American garb, holds a tomahawk, and did a double of exposure as if attacking himself. I find many of his cabinet photos for sale as well as photo-postcards. He died in Mansfield, O in 1925 of a heart attack while driving down main street. He was son of John Burkhalter and Christina Burki Burkholder of Shanesville – Sugarcreek. His oldest brother, my great grandfather came to Oregon in 1889, revisited once in 1918 from which we gained some family photos.

    Dennis Burkholder
    Portland, Oregon

    Dennis Burkholder, Portland, Oregon

    • Thanks for the interesting and informative comment concerning your relative, John Henry Burkholder. Thanks also for the correction concerning his middle name. My guess is that the name Henry became Harley because of illegible entries on a census form. The lives of many of the photographers featured in the Cabinet Card Gallery are absolutely fascinating. Your story about Burkholder’s self portrait in native American costume, falls in the “absolutely fascinating category”. Finally, please note that an earlier comment on this photograph was aimed at finding relatives of J. H. Burkholder. You may want to contact this person.

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