A very pretty and flamboyantly dressed woman poses for her photograph at the studio of E. Bieber. Bieber had two locations in Germany; Berlin and Hamburg. Emilie Bieber was a female German photographer who ran her Hamburg studio from 1852 through 1872 when she was joined by her nephew, Leonard Berlin-Bieber. Emilie Bieber died in 1884.  The beautiful woman in this image is dressed to the hilt. Her dress and hat are covered with flowers and feathers. Perhaps she is an actress which judging by her expression, pose, and dress; is a likely possibility.  This photograph is not  a standard sized cabinet card but instead is known as a Boudoir Card. The card is 8 1/2 x 5 1/4 inches. To view other photographs by the Bieber studio, click on the category “Photgrapher: Bieber”.


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  1. Amazing!

    You just don’t see American fashions like this.

    The Pink Flamingo

  2. I love it !!!

    Look I added a touch to this image i hope you like it…
    I called it Back to Life.

    Thisi is the image link:

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