This cabinet card features an attractive young woman posing for her photograph in an unknown studio and in front of an unknown photographer. The house is not “The Little House on the Prairie” but the studio backdrop and props compose a terrific replica of a country cottage. Note the faux grass. The woman is wearing a chain necklace. Her skin, eyes and hair are dark. She has an ethnic appearance; possibly Black, Hispanic or Native American. The identity of this pretty young woman is unknown.

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  1. This is of Levisa Millis, a Cherokee girl. She had a child before marriage with a man, Balleu. Balleu payed for her to get married to John Pickens and she named her child Lemuel Jefferson Pickens. John died the year Lemuel was born in Kentucky so she had to leave to homestead in indiana without him. I have seen a copy of this before.

    • Thanks for your comment. Do you have any sources that you can provide to give more information about Levisa Millis. In particular, it would be helpful to have another photograph of her to compare to this cabinet card. Thanks again.

  2. This is not Levisa Millis!! I own the only photo of Levisa and I can tell you conclusively that this is definitely not her. I believe that this is Margaret Goodteacher. I have a copy of this photo except it has been tampered with. In my photo she is wearing blush and lipstick and it doesn’t have edges. Please go to Find a Grave memorial number 166161029 to see what I’m talking about.

    • You definitely have my attention! Please explain how you identified the lovely young woman in this photograph as Margaret Goodteacher. I visited the Find a Grave site and saw your altered copy of this image. In addition, please explain why you assert that this cabinet card image is not a photo of Levisa Millis. Who is Levisa Millis and why do you bring up her name? I clearly did not claim that this was Miss Millis and in fact concluded my description of the photograph with the following sentence. “The identity of this pretty young woman is unknown.”

      • In my family everyone is told the tale of Levisa Millis. Levisa Millis is my 5x great grandmother. You can see her find a grave memorial at number 153826973. Here is the story:

        Levisa Millis was a half Cherokee girl born in South Carolina. At a very young age she got into a sexual relationship with her employer who’s surname was Balleu. He was either a doctor or a judge. At the first sign of her being pregnant he paid a man called John Pickens to marry her. The two moved to Shelby County, Kentucky where she had her son and named him Lemuel Jefferson Pickens. About a month later, John died leaving Levisa a single mother. She along with several other families started a journey to build a settlement on what is now Orleans, Indiana. Levisa built a small cabin for her and her son. She did not remarry until Lemuel was sixteen years old. She married a man named Lewis Tungate. Together they had two sons Lewis Jr and Daniel who grew up to be thieves. The town of Orleans then mobbed and captured the two boys. Once they did so they tied a noose around their necks and hung them from what is to this day called the hanging bridge. Lemuel on the other hand got married to Mahala Speer and together they had fourteen children. There was Levisa, Hiram, Lewis, Volney, Evelyn, Emily, John, Anny, Mahala, Lemuel, Aaron, James, Jacob and Theodore.

        Well, I was looking at different cabinet cards and I saw that one which I think is Margaret Goodteacher. She is a relative of mine who is said to have involved with the notorious Jesse James. I saw that picture and thought about how much that looks like Margaret Goodteacher. It ended up I compared the two and I do think as of now that they are the same.

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