Meet Willie Howard Smith. He was three and a half years-old at the time of this photograph, which was in 1890. Willie is adorable as he poses for his photograph in his sailor suit. He is wearing a wonderful cap which is covering his longish hair. The photographer of this cabinet card portrait is Kuebler, who was located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Research discloses some interesting information about the photographic studio. The studio was co-owned and operated by brothers William Kuebler and Louis H. Kuebler. They were very successful photographers and one of their photographs of Walt Whitman is very well known among those that study the great poet. A news article in The Photographic Times (1888) announces the “largest contract ever made in the photographic line” had been awarded to William Kuebler to photograph the members of the Mexican Typical Orchestra. In all, 4,750 photographs were ordered.



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  1. I’ve got to check my old cabinet cards. I’m pretty sure I’ve got at least one Keubler; I’ve definitely got a Chickering of a young boy and girl.

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