Two young women in Salvation Army uniforms, pose for their portrait at the Carter Art Studio, in New York City, New York. Note that one woman is wearing Salvation Army pins on both collars and that both women are wearing Salvation Army badges at their collar. The woman appear to be in their twenties, and one wonders what motivated them to join the Salvation Army. Did they have religious convictions that drew them to the organization? Were they hoping to help people or change the world in a positive way? Did they see joining the Salvation Army as a way to be able to live in exciting New York City. Unfortunately, the answers to these questions are lost to history. To see a collection of images of other Salvation Army workers;click on the Cabinet Card Gallery’s category “Salvation Army”.

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  1. The taller one must have been something of a renegade, wearing her hair loose that way. When a girl reached 16 or so, she automatically began wearing her hair up. The only exceptions were those tarnished ladies of the stage, and even they wore it up on the street.

  2. Do have any idea as to the year of this shot? I had family in NY at the turn of the last century connected to the Salvation Army and the shorter women looks an awful lot like one of my great aunts.

    • I did further research but failed to learn the approximate date of this photograph. I checked many sources but failed to find information about Carter Art Studio. If I could find the dates the gallery was in business, it would help date the photograph. Even finding information about any changes over time regarding the salvation army attire won’t help because it would be possible the ladies are wearing old versions of their uniform. This is one of the few times the internet did not yield any helpful information in my research quest. Perhaps the best bet would be to contact the New York Public Library or the Historical Society to see if their collection of business directories contains any information about the Carter Art Studio.

      • Thanks much for trying! I need to locate some more pictures of her in her youth, but I think there is a possibility that the shorter woman is my great aunt. My great grandparents were Norwegian immigrants and active members of the Salvation Army in the late 19th century and early 20th. They lived in various boroughs of NYC, including the Bronx and Brooklyn. If I can locate a picture I will share it with you.

  3. Also note that the taller lady has the words (I think) “ALL FOR JESUS” on her front.

  4. The woman on the right is my great grandmother, Annie Skidmore Dundas, born in 1872 in Maryland

    • I am so glad that you found this image. It is always a pleasure when someone informs me that they have found an image of a relative or an image that was photographed by a relative. In fact, some visitors who have family represented on the site have found other relatives unknown to them in the comment section of their relatives images.

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