This occupational cabinet card features what appears to be a Woodsman and his axe. He is holding a metal tool in his left hand. Hopefully, a visitor to this site can identify the name and purpose of this particular tool. The mysterious object actually looks like an animal trap. Note the ladder in the background and the cut wood in front of him. He appears to be sitting on an overturned wheelbarrow. The photographer of this image is Friedrich Zirkler, of Clausthal, Germany. Clausthal is a town in Lower Saxony in the Harz Mountains. The area was known for its mining activity at the time of the photograph.

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  1. Hello,
    hope I can help you with my info.
    The man depicted in this Photgraph is not a woodsman.
    You are looking at a mineworker of the clausthal-zellerfeld mines.
    Weelbarrow, Stone and Ladder give prove.
    The “tool” in question is a miner’s lamp. The axe would be used to build wooden supports in drifts.

    Kind regards,
    Thomas, Tübingen, Germany

  2. Thomas, thanks for sharing your knowledge concerning the photograph of the woodsman. After your interesting explanation, it is clear that the woodsman is actually a miner. The young man seems to be lacking any safety equipment. He is wearing boots, but no gloves, or facial and head protection. One would imagine that, like today, mining must have been a very dangerous occupation. Thanks again for being part of the cabinet card gallery community.

  3. Submitted on 2012/06/12 at 5:38 pm
    THE FOLLOWING IS A COMMENT FROM KOMAR: Hello because “Zirkler”,
    The worker at the photo is a coalminer and the iron tool in the left hand is an oillamp.http://boards.ancestry.de/stellen.europa.deutschland.niedersachsen/7309.1/mb.ashx

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