This cabinet card features an attractive young woman with a great smile. She gives the appearance of someone very vivacious. She is beautifully dressed and her hair is very long and worn in a style that can best be described  as a “hair pile”. One wonders how much time it would take her to dry her hair after bathing. Were hair dryers available to this pretty long tressed lady? Most readers will  be surprised to learn that this portrait was likely taken after the invention of the hair dryer. Hair dryers were invented in 1890 by Alexandre Goldefroy. He drew his inspiration from vacuum cleaners. Goldefroy owned a hair salon in France; and his patrons sat under the hair dryer. Hand held hair dryers were invented in the 1920’s. The photographer of this image is Kozmata Ferencz (1846-1902), located in Budapest, Hungary. To view other photographs by Ferencz, a celebrated Hungarian photographer, click on the category “Photographer: Ferencz”.

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  1. Wearing a hairpiece?

    • Absolutely wearing a hairpiece. The huge braid is probably not from her own hair, and she probably has another piece underneath her own hair at the front, to make it puffy. The hair falling down the back, though, is probably hers.

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