This cabinet card features a well dressed gentleman with a noteworthy mustache. In fact, the mustache is so noteworthy, that it joins other cabinet cards featuring fantastic mustaches in Cabinet Card Gallery’s category of Mustaches (Only the Best). Click on the category and view the other mustaches. The photographer of this image is Henry C. Lovejoy (1838-1901) of  Trenton, New Jersey. Lovejoy had a series of studios in Trenton between 1869 and 1900. A Trenton Times (1891) newspaper article interviewed Lovejoy about many issues pertaining to portrait photography. He stated that “the great art, however, is in placing a person in position. This can only be acquired by long practice and experience.” He added “the photographer must also by a physiognomist” because different people will photograph better in different positions. A physiognomist is an expert at the art of judging human character from facial features. Later in the same article, Lovejoy provides interesting comments about post mortem photography (photographing the dead).


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  1. Your collection is wonderful. My ancestor was a photographer in the Millville/Vineland area. His name was Clarence Newcomb, he photographed a lot of the Welch family in Milleville. And he had an association with Ed Cotton – possibly of Cotton’s Sudio in Vineland. I’d be interested to know if you have run across anything with these . tags. Thanks for sharing these images online. And thank you if you are able to share any info.

    • Thanks for your comment. I have many more photographs to post and the best strategy for you to find more photos from the Millville/Vineland area is to subscribe to this blog. Unfortunately, I have no way to know if I own more images from that area unless I go through them, one at a time. I am certain that I have many more photographs from New Jersey. Sorry that I can not be more helpful.

    • FYI: If you don’t already know, you can view a vintage photo in the cabinet card gallery that hails from Vineland, New Jersey. The subject is a little girl and her doll sitting on a bench and the photographer is the Victory Studio. Are you familiar with this studio? The easiest way to find the photo is to put Vineland in the search box.

  2. I just happened upon a photo I found on Abandoned and Historic New Jersey FB page. It was labeled Cotton’s Studio, VIneland, NJ. It clicked for me because of the Cotton name and the . location being common to my ancestor. I investigated and T. Edwin Cotton owned Cotton’s Studio. Which only makes the connection more possible.

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