Annie Robe, stage actress, is the subject of this cabinet card portrait by celebrity photographer, Sarony.  Sarony’s  studio was located in New York City. Robe was known for her beauty, and this photograph confirms that she was quite attractive. Note her cape and matching handbag. It is possible that the “handbag” is actually a hat. Hopefully, one of Cabinet Card Gallery’s fashion experts will resolve the confusion with one of consistently informative comments. Annie Robe was the leading lady of  Wallack’s Theatre for several seasons. Initial research yielded little biographical information. One article reports that she was English. The New York Times (1887) describes her work in “Harbor Lights” as commendable.

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  1. This is amazing!

    The Pink Flamingo

  2. I am not an expert..but a handbag would have tassels a hat would seems a strange kind of handbag
    Beautiful Cabinet Card:)

  3. This photo is of Julia Marlowe(1865-1950).
    I never heard of Annie Robe until here on CabinetCard, so I went online and sure enough pulled some photos of Robe down from Google, University of Washington and North American Theatre Online. Marlowe can be distinguished from Robe by her strong dimple in her chin and also Marlowe’s soon to be famous eyes are rounder.

    Somes websites featuring pics of Annie Robe for comparison:::


    *University of Washington(state):

    *North American Theatre Online website(Alexander Street)subscription:

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