An intellectual looking young man poses for his portrait at the studio of Kozmata Ferencz in Budapest, Hungary. This man looks bright and successful. If this was a present day portrait, one might suspect he was the founder and CEO of a leading innovative high tech corporation. What are those stripes on his sleeves? They look to be insignias of military rank but perhaps they are just decorative. Some help from cabinet card gallery visitors would be appreciated in identifying the stripes.  To view other photographs by Ferencz, click on the category “Photographer: Ferencz”.

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  1. I thought it could it be part of the Masonic regalia, so I asked my dad who used to be a Mason. He said, no to the theory. No real help except that of eliminating one possibility. Do you think he is holding a dagger or a sword? That could help to narrow down the options, maybe? I love a mystery, so hope someone has the answers!

  2. That’s a sword on his lap, so I’m guessing it pretty likely he’s amilitary man.

  3. The photographer’s name should read: Kozmata
    first name: Ferenc – (Francis)

    (1839-1902), Royal photographer (since 1874)
    Budapest, Kristóf tér 4.

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