A little girl sits high atop a giant tricycle in this cabinet card photograph by Andreas Brandmo. Brandmo’s studio was located in Montevideo, Minnesota. The little girl won’t be able to ride very far on her  monster bike. Unfortunately her feet do not seem to reach the bike’s pedals. She also doesn’t look particularly comfortable on her perch, as she poses for the photographer. The 1900 United States census reveals that Brandmo was born in Norway in 1855. He came to the United States in 1882 and married his wife Martha in 1885. Apparently, Brandmo and his wife were producing children at a rapid pace. After 15 years of marriage, the couple had eight children spanning between three and twelve years of age. The census also indicated that Brandmo’s niece, Lucy Husaby, worked as a photographer in his studio. The family lived in Appleton, Minnesota. Research found that Brandmo operated his Montevideo studio between 1886 and 1896. It was also reported that he ran a gallery in Appleton in 1898. At some point he had a partner and their studio was named Brandmo & Lodgaard. The 1910 census reveals that Andreas Brandmo changed his name to Andrew Brandmo. Perhaps when he realized he had eight children and a wife depending on him, he changed his name and entered the Federal Witness Protection Program. More likely though, he probably Americanized his name for business purposes. The 1910 census also notes that his son Alf, had joined him in the business and was working as a photographer.


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  1. What a great Cabinet Card! 🙂

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