This photograph features a portrait of a group of men, dressed in ethnic clothing (including turbans), and posing in an unidentified country. It is most likely that the location of this group photo is the nation of India. This portrait raises a number of questions on issues besides location. What is the man standing on the right side of the back row carrying in the bag hung over his shoulder? The man next to the man with the bag appears to be holding the bag man’s belt. Why is he holding the belt? There is a brick building behind the men. Is the building a business, a home, or an embassy? Are these men about to embark on a trip? Are they part of a work crew? The answer to these questions elude us but the mystery is part of what makes this photograph interesting to view.

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  1. I suspect that these men were Sikhs– Sikh men traditionally wear turbans (and leave their hair uncut), and also carry swords. They’re fierce warriors, and not people to mess with. 🙂 I don’t see any swords on these guys, though

  2. This picture is of the Punjab region in India and these turbaned men are Sikhs. I am myself a Sikh. The man at the right most side is a Punjabi Muslim water carrier. He has a water holding bag made from the hide of some animal. These water carriers became the subject of many British Raj era photography in India.

  3. Great photographs on your blog!

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