An inscription on the reverse of this image indicates that this handsome well dressed young man was named Theo Sparks. He looks quite spiffy with his winged collar shirt, wide tie, and handlebar mustache. The photographer was not identified nor was the location of the photographer’s studio. Despite a paucity of information, research found some biographical information about Mr. Sparks. Theo Sparks (1870-1956) was born in Indiana. The 1880 US census finds him at age 10, living in Linton, Indiana.He lived with his parents, Peter S.  and Mary E. Sparks. His father was a farmer. He  lived with four older siblings, Iris (age 18), Orian (age 17), Ishmel (age 14), and Pascal (age 12). He also lived with three younger siblings, Marco (age 8), Eura (age 6), and Cush (age 2). Also living with the family was Theo’s fraternal uncle, Wesley Sparks. Theo and his siblings had very unusual and interesting names. Peter and Mary Sparks deserve kudos for their creativity in baby naming.The 1900 census finds the 29 year-old Theo Sparks living in Denver, Colorado and newly married to Maud Sparks (age 24). He was working as a motorman. According to the 1910 census, Theo and Maud still lived in Denver and had four sons, Rolland (age 8), Warren (age 5), Glen (age 4), and Jorville (age 3 months). It seems Theo and Maud continued Theo’s parents tradition of giving some of their children unusual names. Theo supported his family with his income from working as a street car motorman. The 1920 through 1940 censuses indicate that Theo and Maud continued to live in Denver with different members of their family being part of their household in each of the censuses.

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  1. so cool.

    : )

    Moira McLaughlin Dog Art Today

  2. Excellent scan and research. It’s always satisfying then a little bit of information leads to the real story behind a picture.

  3. For those of us curious about a sitter, a name can be everything in searching for more information. I imagine that the names of Theo’s siblings and children also hold clues about the family. Love the searching!

  4. A fitting image as we near the end of movember.

  5. What a weird coincidence! I’ve done geneology research on this family. Do you mind telling me how you aquired the photo ( in what state)? Thanks!

    • Regretfully, I have no record of how I cam to possess the portrait of Theo Sparks. If you have any additional information about Mr. Sparks, I would appreciate it if you could share it via an additional comment. Thanks

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