Photographer M. Appel does a masterful job in this photograph capturing a scene, albeit in a studio, that is nearly universal. This image shows a mother and daughter enjoying spending time together. Mother is reading with her adorable little girl while drinking a cup of tea or coffee. The daughter is wearing bows in her hair and a priceless expression. She affectionately rests her left arm on her mother’s shoulder. The reverse of the photograph has printing announcing that Mr. Appel had studios in three locations in Berlin, Germany.

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  1. I would rather think, this was a really beautiful grandmother – just enlarge and take a look at the wrinkled lines all over her face and the signs of age at her throat, nearly hidden by the standing collar

  2. You may be correct and the woman in the photograph may be the girl’s grandmother and not her mother. Usually, we have to guess about the relationships of subjects in cabinet card photographs because few of them actually list the identities or other information about the subjects.Further complicating things in images such as this one are the following factors. Couples tended to have larger families than today and as a result mothers would be much older by the times their youngest kids were growing up. I also think that middle aged and aged people tended to look older in turn of the century photographs than in today’ s photographs because life was harder, medical treatment less advanced, and makeup to disguise aging was either not available or less advanced.

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