Charles S. Rabineau of Albany, New York, produced this cabinet card portrait of a non expressive woman. She is wearing a lace collar and earrings. To learn more about Rabineau and to view more of his images, click on the category “Photographer: Rabineau”.

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  1. Her earrings is very interesting: looks like a snake!

    Also, there is a strange mark on her dress, as if there is something missing, some jdecoration – that’s for sure not usual to wear it without trying to hide … would be interesting to know more about her and the reasons for this special portrait.

  2. I would love to learn more about her as well. My grandmother was born in Albany. Her mother was a very light skinned woman who could have passed. I remember seeing pictures before of the “white woman” on her dresser and she told me that she wasn’t white that it was her mother. I’m trying to find out more about my ancestors from that area. I realize that she could be one a million women living in Albany at the time but it is interesting to view the photos.

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