MAMIE SLOAN_0002This photograph is a portrait of a pretty young lady in a fancy dress. She is wearing a dress with a high collar and has her hair up. The reverse of this photograph  indicates that the woman’s name is Mamie Sloan and penned under her name was New Boston, Illinois and the date “June 1897”.  The reverse of the photograph also has a photographer’s stamp but it is not entirely legible. The stamp reveals that the studio was located in Mount Pleasant, Iowa and that the studio was named “White & ?”.  Research was unsuccessful at uncovering more information about the photographers or about Mamie Sloan. There were too many women who shared that name who lived in the New Boston area around the time that this photograph was taken. New Boston and Mount Pleasant are 66 miles apart, and it is likely that Mamie Sloan resided in New Boston although photographed in Mount Pleasant.

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  1. The dress is a confection from a different era, but this is one of those faces that seems oddly modern. Great photo.

  2. This is my grandmother’s aunt. Where did you acquire this picture?

    • I am sorry that I can not tell you where I acquired this photograph. Until recently, I did not keep a record of the sources of the images that make up my collection. How were you able to positively identify this image of Mamie Sloan as being your family member? There were a number of woman named “Mamie Sloan” during the time that this photograph was taken. I imagine that you were able to verify her identity by cross checking with other photographs that you possess. I would be very happy and honored if you would share some biographical information about your relative pictured in this cabinet card. I would add your biographical sketch to the cabinet card gallery’s description of the photograph. Thanks for visiting and contacting the gallery.

  3. Perhaps Michigan? The loss of pictures like these is part of sad family tale. If this photo is still for sale, I’d like to purchase it.

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