PRETTYGIRLINBATH_0004This cabinet card features a very pretty young woman in Bath, Maine. If you were expecting to see a pretty young woman in a bathtub, sorry for your disappointment or surprise. The young woman in this image may actually be a teenager. If so, she sure is displaying a lot of poise for a girl that age. She has an expression that makes it appear that she is oblivious of being photographed and is intensely staring at something in the distance. She is wearing a lace shawl with a pin. The subject of this image is unidentified. The photographer is J. C. Higgins of Bath, Maine. Higgins was an active photographer in Bath in the 1880’s and 1890’s. He was an excellent photographer. One of his photographs (Man in a Bottle) was displayed in New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art (MOMA). Another one of his photographs can be seen on the website of the Maine Historical Society. Higgin’s son, Charles R. Higgins was also quite a prominent photographer. He apprenticed to his father and later took over the studio. He became known for his hand colored photography work which was in a style similar to Wallace Nutting. Many of his images were depictions of nature and New England scenery.

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  1. I have a photograph on cardboard with name Will Card written on back. My grandmother’s maiden name was Card. It is a Higgins Cabinet Portrait, with JC Higgins &Son photographs Bath Maine on back of card. Really would love to know if this is my grandmother’s brother.

    • You have some research to do. Check out ancestry.com. Meanwhile, your photograph of Will Card was taken by an excellent photographer.In fact, JC Higgins had one of his photographs (Man in a Bottle) displayed in New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art (MOMA). To see more of his work and learn more about him, place the name Higgins in this site’s search box.

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