BOY AND TOY CAE_0014Photographer Arturo Stinco took this wonderful portrait of a young boy and his pedal car. The boy has long hair and  is wearing a large bow. Judging by his clothing and his expensive toy car, he is likely from a very well-to-do family. The boy’s name is written on the reverse of the photograph. His name is Carlos Aguerra (possibly Aguerro). The photographer’s studio was located in the Argentinian town of Coronel Suarez. This town was founded in 1883 and is in the Buenos Aires province of Argentina. It was named after Manuel Isidoro Suarez (1799-1841) who was an Argentinian army colonel who fought in wars of independence against the Spanish.


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  1. Hallo – is the picture from Argentina , boy with pedal car, for sale? best regards Markus

    • Hi. Yes, this photograph is for sale, and it will be appearing on eBay, most likely on this Sunday (2/12).

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