This cabinet card portrait is an immigrant to the Cabinet Card Gallery from somewhere in Italy. The image features a young mother with her arm affectionately around the shoulders of her adorable daughter. Mom is holding a fan and the daughter is holding a small purse. Both the mother and daughter share intense expressions though the daughter is also displaying a wide-eyed questioning look at the photographer. Neither the subjects in this image or the photographer are identified on this well posed cabinet card.

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  1. I beg to disagree about the “affection” displayed by the woman. There is a distancing. – But just the pose, probably. – Note their financial status: the condition of the stairwell banaster…excellent purchase!

    • I see your point. The mother has her arm around her daughter but she has kept her physical distance. In addition, the mom may have her arm around the little girl for safety reasons and not due to any particular degree of affection. You are also correct that the pair have most likely been told how to pose and they did not choose their positions. Interpreting these terrific vintage photographs is part of what makes the hobby so interesting but it certainly has it’s limitations. Thanks for your consistent thoughtful comments.

  2. I smiled when I saw this cabinet photo, because it is either a duplicate of a photo I once owned., or you bought it when I sold it on eBay! 🙂 I always loved this image, but sometimes you just need to clean house! I’m glad that other people get to enjoy this great photo via your website.

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