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A well dressed balding man compensates for his hair deficit by wearing wonderful mutton chops and a handsome mustache. This wide eyed gentleman’s facial hair represents tonsorial genius. The photographer of this cabinet card photograph is the studio of Winsor & Whipple in Olean, New York. This photograph was taken in 1903 or before. “The Photographic Journal of America” (1903) reported the dissolution of the partnership between Winsor and Whipple. The article reported that H. C. Whipple needed to retire due to failing health and that he was planning to move to Colorado.

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  1. Today he’d just shave his head and wear a baseball cap. – What impresses me again and again is the gravitas of the individuals on these cabinet cards. Nearly every photographic image today presents people with wide-toothed grins. – Compare that with the distant, thoughtful stare of this young man. – These images make you stop and consider who these people were, and what their thoughts were when the portraits were made. – Thanks again!

  2. That is an impressive ‘stache! Did barbers have a name for this mustachio style? The full wrap? The ape handlebar? Maybe the Windsor Whipple.

  3. I’m looking for any information for G. or C. Whipple who was a photographer from Valparaiso, Indiana. May of been between 1870’s to 1900?

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