This lovely cabinet card portrait features an older woman dressed in conservative clothing. She is wearing “Puritanesque” clothing. I invented the word “Puritanesque” because I don’t want to go out on a limb and say the is wearing Puritan clothing without finding confirmation. The woman’s outermost garment covers a dark full dress and she is wearing a bonnet.  She is intensely staring at the photographer and is keeping her lips pursed. The photograph was taken at the studio of Heald & Erickson in Providence, Rhode Island. Heald had other partners during his career in that same city. Heald was involved in an important photography related law case concerning ownership and rights to use photographic negatives. To view more of his images and to learn more about him and the case, type his name in the cabinet card gallery’s search box and look for the photograph produced by Heald & Giles.                                                                                     SOLD


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  1. It’s very possible that this woman was a Shaker. – The Shakerism is an offshoot of Quakerism. – They adopted orphans but were celebate. – I believe there are only a few of these remarkable people still living. Their sect began about 1750. – Their furniture is prized. They believe that every single act you do – even making a simple chair, is a prayer. I do believe that her cap is characteristic of their faith. – Even if I’m wrong, Shakers make for a fascinating study. – Oh, and they believed in equality between the sexes (in the 18th century!) so that might have something to do with this woman’s firm, confident look of self-possession.

    • You are certainly correct that the shakers make an interesting study. Absolutely fascinating sociologically . Thanks for presenting your hypothesis.

  2. You’re so welcome. – I was blessed to meet the oldest inhabitant of a Shaker village in New England many years ago. It was a magical experience. – The woman seemed to glow.

    As per the photo of the young man featured by your name. – Who was he? His is a remarkable face. – Thanks again. – Isn’t Cabinet Card wonderful?

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