This post cabinet card era photograph features a young chubby cheeked African American little girl. She is adorable and is balancing herself as she stands on a chair. She is wearing a hair bow and high button shoes. The identity of this cute child and the photographer of this image are unknown.   (SOLD)

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  1. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:
    ADORABLE!!!! 🙂

  2. I don’t think we need to mention the obvious color of this child’s skin. The “African American” or even “American” description is not relevant. The picture stands for itself. – Adorable, etc. She is a child, one of the number of children your wonderful site features.

    • The reason that I mention that the child is African American is the same reason that I would mention a photographic subject’s hometown (ie. Dakota Territory), occupation (ie fireman), fashion (bridal gown), ethnic group (ie Armenian) or any other significant characteristic. Many who collect or enjoy viewing vintage photography have specific subsets of vintage photography that interest them. The identifying words that I use in my titles are chosen to make it easier for visitors to the cabinet card gallery to narrow their focus to their own interests. Not all labeling is evidence of bias or prejudice. I would agree with you however that there are many examples of where racial identification is misused and represents subtle prejudice. For example, when the news reports the race of a bank robber or some other criminal; I find that totally unnecessary. Thanks for your comment and kind words about the cabinet card gallery.

  3. Well, thanks for your thought-provoking response to my statement. – Per news reports: per “racial profiling”: – how is the public supposed to identify criminals? Per prejudice and bias, I believe that is a human characteristic exacted in countless ways, by all races. Naturally, it is not limited to being directed against the black race. Naturally. You’re right – you do mention all ethnic groups when you are able to identify them. – I am Scottish and Greek – first generation. However, no one seems to want to apply this appellation. (Example: No “Check here” if you are … race” on application forms, etc., for Greeks or Scots.- Well, I think “American” is good enough for me. – Frankly, I don’t know if our friendly exchange of opinions is circling around and basically ending up in the same place. – You have a terrific site here. I recommend it to everyone, and, as always, it reminds us that there were vital, living people before us, and there will be vital, living people looking at our images long after each of us is no more.

  4. P.S. – That tie certainly is snappy. – However, if this is a wedding portrait, I think the groom looks nervous. I wonder if the couple was happily joined together in blessed wedlock.

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