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The adorable little girl featured in this vintage photograph has an abundance of attitude. Her posture, positioning, facial expression, and her hand on her hip all indicate that this is one sassy child. She is beautifully dressed and is wearing a terrific bonnet. An inscription on the reverse of the image indicates that the portrait was taken in 1904. Although this photograph is about the size of a cabinet card, it has a paper mat.

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  1. It strikes me that this may be a theatrical portrait, the young girl definitely displays “personality.” The more I look at it, the more I wonder if this is possibly an early portrait of the great actress Lillian Gish. She was born in 1893, was on stage by the age of six and she and her sister Dorothy were both successful stage actresses throughout their childhood, teenage, and young adult years. The girl in this photograph appears to be about 10 or 11, so that would fit. Miss Gish would have been a trouper with 5 years experience, by the time this photo was taken. The beautiful dress is another clue. Lillian’s mother was an expert seamstress and always clothed her daughters in exquisite garments. I could be completely wrong, of course, but if this is not Lillian Gish, she certainly bears a striking resemblance to the famous stage, silent and sound film actress.

  2. This girl definitely had it going on. Reminds me of Carly Rose Sonenclar of today…

    • Wow! That’s really a long shot. Cograts to Ross R. for courage of going out on a limb. The girl in the picture looks like a natural model … makes me think of teenage Twiggy more than half a century later. And the photographer… the full use of contemporary materials (paper, developer) to bring out the patterns in the challenging white dress and hat … the perfect use of the oval mask. If only his name were on it, let alone hers. Probability alone makes one doubt it could be Lillian Gish. I have a younger picture of her but it doesn’t help much. But I see where Ross R. is coming from … for all the reasons he accurately enumerates. Either way, it is a treat to study, admire and ponder over.

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