This vintage photograph features a pretty young woman posed as if she is playing her violin. She is beautifully dressed and wears a semi serious expression as she gazes at the photographer. The identity of the subject and the photographer are unknown. To view additional photographs of violinists and other musicians, click on the Cabinet Card Gallery category “Musicians”. This image measures 4″ x 7″ and was purchased in Northern Vermont.

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  1. I realise that you must input text under the images to insert yourself into the scene, but why describe what we can see for ourselves? Really? Is she playing the violin???

    Honestly, many of your observations are vacuous and ignorant, and the guesses you make about individuals make me sometimes think that you’re 14 years old.

    • Thank you Dr. Klaus for your interesting psychological assessment of my personality. In your profile of my personality, you label me narcissistic, vacuous, ignorant, and immature. I am sure that you have years of training and experience creating such profiles of people that you don’t know at all. In your astute professional opinion, what valuable observations and interpretations would you have about a person who would leave such a cruel and maligning comment about a blog’s author. I am curious Dr Klaus, what type of pathology would a person have who would perpetrate this kind of hit-and-run attack? What diagnosis would you give such an individual? Doesn’t this type of person have options other than viciously attacking the author? Couldn’t the verbal assailant just stop visiting the blog? Or possibly, could such an abusive person simply visit the blog and accept it’s perceived shortcomings? Thank you Dr Klaus for visiting the Cabinet Card Gallery and leaving your legacy, even if it’s hostile, bitter and negative.

  2. Let us excuse Dr. Klaus’ boorish comments due to his choosing to vent opinions at 3:53 am … always a bad idea (could be worse … he could have Tweeted). Part of the joy of photography is discussing old gems, and reading into them, as they prod us from the past.

  3. I appreciate The Cabinet Card Gallery and the comments of the blogger whose considerable efforts produce this lovely blog. I don’t know if the young woman is a violinist, or simply posed with the violin. Perhaps someone who knew her will see the photograph and comment.

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