The young man in this carte de visite portrait is displaying a fantastic expression He has a devilish glint in his eyes. This fun loving gentleman is well dressed and sports a terrific beard. The photographer of this cdv was Erwin Hanfstaengl (1838-1905) who operated a photography studio in Stuttgart, Germany. He was married to Marie Schroder Hanfstaengl (1848-1917) who was a noted German operatic soprano and singing teacher. Erwin was a member of the distinguished Stuttgart photography and art publishing family headed by Franz Hanfstaengl. There is an inscription on the reverse of the photo (see image below) which probably identifies the young man. Unfortunately, I am unable to translate the writing and am hopeful a Cabinet Card Gallery visitor will leave a comment that includes the translation.   (SOLD)

=stuttgart 1

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  1. The first word of the inscription looks as though it might be “Professor” (abbreviated as Prof.) — can’t decipher the rest of it.

  2. I am not sure, but the First line could be “Prof. Lietzenmayer”, and the last word maybe “Stuttgart”, but I’m not sure.

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