This vintage real photo postcard features a portrait of French aviator Roger Somner (1877-1965) sitting in the pilot seat  of his 1910 biplane. Somner was an aviation pioneer. The Washington Herald (1909) reported that he broke a world record in a Farman Biplane by flying one hour and fifty minutes at the height of 80 feet. This was a record due to the length of time logged in the air. The Oregon News (1909) described an international aviation contest involving at least five nations competing for about 401,000 dollars worth of prizes. Somner was representing France while the American competitor was Glenn Curtiss (another celebrated aviation pioneer). The Lewiston Evening Journal (1910) reported that Somner ad established a new world record by piloting a plane with three passengers for a total of five minutes. Somner was clearly a brave man. This vintage postcard has a postmark from the French city of Bordeaux in 1951.

sumner 2

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  2. Now, there you go again. I’ll have to check out the rest of his life! A pleasure!

    • You are so right. In doing research on the photographs in the cabinet card gallery, I find that every question answered results in additional questions. That is what I find so interesting about doing the research. The investigating is also quite fun. The only drawback is time consumption.

  3. Found a good article on him –

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