lost rooms 5

This vintage real photo postcard features an image that encourages conjecture. Therefore, I will conjecture. I believe that the photograph presents a mother and daughter (they display a family resemblance)  posing outside their front door just past their wood porch. Mom is sitting on a chair and her daughter affectionately rests her right hand on her mother’s shoulder. Note that the daughter is standing on and the mother is sitting on a pretty rug. They apparently brought the rug from inside the house for the purpose of being used in the photograph. Judging by the pair’s clothing, I believe that they are Mennonites. The stamp box on the reverse of the postcard indicates that it is printed on AZO paper which was issued between 1904 and 1918.  (SOLD)

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  1. I concur.

  2. To me the seated woman looks younger, also married ‘plain’ women are more likely to wear dark dresses. Those are flirty bows to the bonnets, vanity-vanity!

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