One thing is for certain is that Gisella Pozzi is a very pretty woman. However, my knowledge about the details of her life is very uncertain. Preliminary research indicates that she was an Italian silent film actress. Some sources report that she was also a theater actress. I have just written everything I know about Gisella Pozzi. More research is needed. What do you think of her dress and hat? I think she looks terrific. I especially like the butterfly on front of her dress. This vintage real photo postcard was made in Italy and produced by Fotocelere. Fotocelere was active between 1915 and 1942 and published postcards across a wide range of genres. The company must have decided it would be attractive to include her faux autograph across her image. I respectfully disagree.


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  1. Fantastic photo of a lovely lady–I saw a mention of her on an Italian website devoted to the composer Pietro Mascagni. She was a soprano who had a role in the world premiere of Mascagni’s operetta, “Si” (“Yes”) in Rome, on 14 December, 1919. A contemporary review referred to Miss Pozzi as “a demon of liveliness” — easy to believe, judging by this photo.

  2. Thought too perhaps that the two trailing side sweeps in Gisella’s beautiful garment may represent butterfly wings, so it would be fun to know more too about what role she may have been playing here, and what a very special picture this is. And thanks for sharing her with us, along with the comments, thanks Ross R. too for the additional tidbits about her.

  3. Another excellent find. I too, do not care for the tradition of fake signatures across an image. Some are placed worse than this one too.

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